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Draytek Vigor Router Competition

Draytek is carrying out a user survey, which ADSLGuide readers may be interested in, mainly because it carries prizes of free ADSL hardware.

There are two Vigor 2600V and a Vigor 2600G routers up for grabs, and 20 runners up prizes of T-shirts. The competition/survey closes on 30th September 2003.

Draytek has five new products in the pipeline for release shortly. These are the VigorCam - a web cam for use with the Vigor2200USB, Vigor2600V - a Voice over IP (VoIP) device with ADSL modem/Router, Vigor3300 - an enterprise Firewall/VPN Device, Vigor2500 - a SoHo ADSL Router and the Vigor2104P - a router for cable-modems services.

Of biggest interest is probably the Vigor 2600V which has Voice Over IP capability, this means you can plug any standard phone handset into the router and simply dial the IP address of another person with Voice over IP capability and make use of your Internet connection to make the phone call. For homeworkers this can drastically reduce the cost of calls to the office, since the call is free over the Internet connection. Another mode supported by the router is to connect an existing phone line to the router and then route this out over the Internet to a remote location, for example someone working from home, this then gives the impression that you are in the office and incurs no extra call charges to anyone.


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