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Another BT Wireless trial

The Guardian online supplement has an article that indicates another BT Wireless trial is about to start. This time it is in Porthleven, Cornwall which is very close to the monument that marks Marconi's first transatlantic wireless message.

Details on the trial are very sketchy, but it would appear to be a point to multi point (PmP)system, in other-words very similar to what Firstnet (Tele2) are using in places like Leeds, Bradford, Nottingham, Reading and Coventry. The system is supposed to be using Alvarion kit and should provide between 0.5Mbps and 1Mbps per user, and hopefully serve a 2 to 3km radius from the transmitter, possibly more depending on topology.

We previously mentioned a Mesh trial in our news, the two systems are different types of kit. Hopefully this trial will turn into a concrete future in the not too distance future.


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