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Where is BT heading?

Paul Reynolds, chief executive of BT Wholesale has delivered a keynote speech at a 'Next Generation Networks Symposium' in London, the details of the speech are on BT's site here.

It would appear that BT's eventual aim is to migrate a large number of its disparate networks onto a single core IP platform, part of which will involve the replacement of 27,000 voice concentrators with multi service devices capable of supporting voice, DSL and other services on around 5000 sites. Part of this move was reflected in yesterdays news of the decision to purchase a Marconi Access Hub product that will support voice, video and data. These moves should allow BT to lay the foundations for the higher bandwidth multimedia experience that the future will bring to the home and office.

There is much more to be gleamed from the speech, but for now no definite product launches were announced, but it looks like we can look forward to more interesting product trials in the next 12 months. Certainly on the Broadband front the time is upon us to start looking at getting the next generation of speeds out into the wild.


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