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Linksys extends its free security software offer

Linksys and Symantec has entered a partnership which means that Norton Internet Security 2003 will be shipped with all their router products. This offer is even back dated to 1st January 2003, people simply apply online providing the serial number of their router to get a the free CD.

The free offer is limited to a 60 day period of updates to the virus definitions and content filtering lists. After this period you have to subscribe for further updates to the definition lists.

Shipping anti-virus products with router hardware is a sensible move, since the biggest risk once using a router is viruses and trojans that unsuspecting users can run. Another important aspect of security to regularly update their operating system against vulnerabilities. For Windows users this means visiting Windows Update and installing the regularly released security patches.

For ADSL Broadband users in the UK, Linksys currently only ship one ADSL modem, the BEFDSR41W. The cable modem community will make more extensive use of Linksys hardware, and of course people wanting to home network will be making use of the wide range of wireless routers. It is worth pointing out that the two products we have reviewed the Linksys WAP11 and WET11 are excluded from this offer as they are not routers, but pure access points with no routing functionality.


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