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102 more exchanges to be given trigger levels

In a move that is perhaps overdue according to some people, BT Wholesale has released a list of 102 exchanges that have had strong demand shown by the Demand Tracker scheme, and therefore will be given a trigger level. The full list of 102 exchanges can be seen here.

The list includes Chafford, which was previously reviewed as unviable but had shown exceptional demand and is perhaps a vindication of the coverage the area received across the Broadband press in the last few weeks. The triggers are due to be released on 31st March 2003, so not too long to wait now.

In additional news, Paul Reynolds, the Chief Executive of BT Wholesale has confirmed that there are 750,000 end-users of the BT Wholesale ADSL services. This means the target of 1 million users by summer 2003 is not that impossible now.


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