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You need to select a Usage Profile which best describes how much you think you will download from the Internet. If you are unsure, you should probably select "Home Light" or "Home Medium". It may be worth discussing this with other members of your household as some activity (e.g. downloading movies online) can increase the usage significantly. This setting will NOT affect the pricing for 'unlimited' packages.

Packages (based on 3GB transfer) - incl. 20% VAT
Package Name Speed Setup Monthly First Year
Virgin Media VIVID 50 54 Mbps £25.00 £35.00 £420.05
Virgin Media VIVID 100 108 Mbps £25.00 £40.00 £479.95
Virgin Media VIVID 100 **30 day rolling contract** 108 Mbps £70.00 £40.00 £40.00
Virgin Media VIVID 200 213 Mbps £25.00 £45.00 £540.00
Virgin Media VIVID 200 **30 day rolling contract** 213 Mbps £70.00 £45.00 £45.00
Virgin Media VIVID 350 362 Mbps £25.00 £50.00 £600.05
Virgin Media VIVID 350 **30 day rolling contract** 362 Mbps £70.00 £50.00 £50.00
Virgin Media VIVID 50 and phone 54 Mbps £25.00 £27.00 £324.00
Virgin Media VIVID 100 and phone 108 Mbps £25.00 £32.00 £384.00
Virgin Media VIVID 100 and phone **30 day rolling contract** 108 Mbps £70.00 £47.00 £47.00
Virgin Media VIVID 200 and phone 213 Mbps £25.00 £37.00 £444.00
Virgin Media VIVID 200 and phone **30 day rolling contract** 213 Mbps £70.00 £52.00 £52.00
Virgin Media VIVID 350 and phone 362 Mbps £25.00 £42.00 £504.00
Virgin Media VIVID 350 and phone **30 day rolling contract** 362 Mbps £70.00 £55.00 £659.95
Virgin Media Player TV Bundle 54 Mbps £25.00 £32.00 £384.05
Virgin Media Mix TV Bundle 108 Mbps £25.00 £47.00 £564.05
Virgin Media Full House TV VIVID 100 broadband + Talk Weekends 108 Mbps £25.00 £57.00 £684.00
Virgin Media VIP Bundle 362 Mbps £25.00 £89.00 £1,068.05

red prices indicated packages with usage based pricing (the more you download, the more it costs)

ISP Details
Name Virgin Media
Legal Name Virgin Media Ltd
Also Known As ntl:Telewest,
Company Type UK Limited Company ( company number: 2591237 )
ISPA Member Corporate
What is this?

ISPA is the Internet Services Providers' Association (, a trade association which many ISPs are members of. ISPA members are subject to the ISPA Code of Practice in addition to any other dispute resolution schemes they may subscribe to.

Ofcom Code of Practice Yes
What is this?

The Ofcom Voluntary Code of Practice (Broadband) is an agreement broadband providers can subscribe to which promises they will provide consumers with information on the speeds they can achieve, what sort of traffic limits might be in place, etc. More details at

Migration Support Inbound and Outbound
What is this?

Migration is the process of moving a broadband service from one ISP to another, usually minimising the amount of disruption in the process. Inbound migration means your ISP will allow you to transfer to their service from another ISP. Outbound migration means you can transfer from their service to another ISP.

If your ISP doesn't support migration, you would need to cancel your broadband service, wait until it's removed from your line and then re-order with another ISP. This may cost most and will result in a longer period of no connectivity.

We recommend you choose an ISP which support both inbound and outbound migration.

Ratings starstarhalf star compare this ISP to others
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Contact Details
Sales Telephone 0800 052 2525 (Free Call (e.g. 0800)) Mon - Fri (08:00 - 20:00) | Sat (08:00 - 18:00) | Sun (09:30 - 18:00)
Support Telephone 0845 454 1111 (Non-geographic "lo-call" (e.g. 0845)) Open 24/7

been a terrible service for years terrible service Indian call centre scripted and nothing but trouble since they went above 50 meg

  • gt15
  • about 1 month ago

Speed good, however customer service mind bogglingly incompetent and awful. Worst experience ever. I have wasted months dealing with these clowns, avoid like the plague. To add insult to injury they jack the price up twice a year, well above inflation. Terrible.

  • chillysnow
  • about 1 month ago

The advertise 300MPSB, and set your hub to be capable of 380MBPS however are only capable of providing 100MBPS maximum due to out of date cables in the road.

  • jrgep
  • about 1 month ago

Generally ok and really fast. However, the service suffers from innumerable annoying outages as noted below, from April to October 2018.
Virgin outages
Sunday 15-April 11:07 to 11:08; 19:07 to 19:10
Wednesday 18-April 15:01 to 15:03
Friday 20-April 13:32 to 13:33
Saturday 21-April 15:52 to 15:53
Sunday 29-April 18:16 to 18:17 and 20:35 to 20:36
Sunday 06-May 23:11 to 23:13
Friday 11-May 18:00 to 18:02
Wednesday 16-May 08:58 to 08:59
Thursday 17-May 16:32 to 16:33
Sunday 20-May 13:57 to 14:01
Monday 28-May 20:37 to 20:38
Tuesday 29-May 18:50 to 18:52
Wednesday 30-May 22:07 to 22:09
Thursday 07-Jun 12:15 to 12:16
Saturday 09-June 13:44 to 13:45
Sunday 10-June 14:02:00 to 14:02:30 and 14:03:10 to 14:03:20 and 14:24 to 14:28
Tuesday 12-June 12:12 to 12:13
Wednesday 13-June 13:30:00 to 13:30:30
Sunday 17-June 15:54 to 15:57
Tuesday 26-June 19:42 to 19:44 and 19:45 to 19:47 and 20:45 to
Monday 02-July 07:45 to 07:47
Friday 06-July 07:20 to 07:35
Sunday 08-July 12:59 to 13:02
Wednesday 18-July 14:30 to 19:00
Thursday 26-July 13:11 to 13:40 and 14:30 to 14:45 and 15:54 to 16:06
Saturday 28-July 14:04 to 14:07 and 14:38 to 14:41
Monday 30-July 12:23 to 12:30
Sunday 11-August 07:45 to 07:49 and 16:14 to 16:15
Monday 12-August 12:37 to 12:44 and 13:02 to 13:06
Tuesday 13-August 21:34 to 21:35
Wednesday 14-August 21:19 to 21:22
No tests until 01-September as on holiday
Sunday 01-September 22:51 to 22:55
Wednesday 05-September 07:20 to 07:23
Saturday 08-September 15:20 to 15:21 and 15:49 to 15:52 and 17:05 to 17:08
Saturday 15-September 15:11 to 15:18 and 15:55 to 15:56 and
Wednesday 19-September 22:00 to 22:01 and 22:05 to 22:07
Thursday 20-September 21:56 to 22:09
Friday 21-September 21:50 to 21:52 and 22:13 to 22:14
Saturday 22-September 08:54 to 08:55
Sunday 23-September 22:16 to 22:18 and 22:24 to 22:25 and 22:31 to
Friday 8-Sep 23:40 to 23:4
Saturday 09-Sep 10:44 to 10:46
Monday 01-October 14:24 to 14:27 and 22:42 to 22:44
Saturday 06-October 21:07 to 21:09
Sunday 07-October 14:23 to 14:24 and 18:09 to 18:12 and 18:15 to 18:16 and 19:20 to 19:23
Monday 08-October 17:41 to 17:43
Tuesday 09-October 12:27 to 12:28
Thursday 11-October 22:19 to 22:21
Friday 12-October 19:04 to 19:05
Sunday 14-October 08:11 to 08:13 and 09:51 to 09:52 and 10:27 to 10:28 and 11:30 to 11:31 and 14:38 to 14:42 and 16:37 to 16:39 and 17:30 to 17:32 and 21:57 to 21:48 and 23:14 to 23:15
Tuesday 15-October 08:57 to 08:59

  • thebub
  • about 1 month ago

It's a Shame That this sites speed tester does not Accurately show the true speed !

  • 1Gopher
  • about 1 month ago

The equipment is free with the contract and the speed is truly fast with good reliability being the norm, although we have had one or two rare short breaks in the connection over the last year or two.
The only downside is the regular increases in the monthly cost, although this can be negotiated downwards by speaking to the CEO's office team.

  • steveputman
  • about 1 month ago

Besides the random outage and rather random speeds its good when it works! (read if it works)

  • Kiyoharu
  • about 1 month ago

Virgin are far supperior to Talktalk/Openreach, who could only
provide less than 10Mbs over a 40Mbs FTTC line. The problem being rubbish telephone cable between me and the local DSLAM.
So Talktalk allowed me to cancel my contract, as they had
said, in writing, that my Minimum connection speed would be
33Mbs. So, since there was already Virgin cable to my property, The Virgin connection was fairly painless. Despite
Virgin's terrible reviews, I have had good service, thus far!

  • daymangee
  • about 1 month ago

Reliability ok, although often noisy. Download speed ok but upload poor compared to openreach.

  • typhooteaman
  • about 1 month ago

VM have really upped their game over the last 6-12 months; not only am I getting an average d/l significantly above the advertised 350Mbps, but I get no drop off during the day which is great news.

The only criticism I have is that an u/l of 20Mbpd, whilst consistent, is pretty poor compared to the u/l speed...

  • 8404e810
  • about 1 month ago

HW router/hub issue, latency, no new router/hub coming for past 3y, VM support team know about router issue but best description is "elephant in the room".
Price too high, those days with available technology we as customers overpaying for nothing.
good price is 20euro for 1000 mbps down, 500up

  • daheldraed
  • about 1 month ago

OUTRAGEOUSLY SLOW ! Paying for 350mb/s, & getting 12, 13, 14 !

Getting through on the phone to complain is very long winded, &

talking to someone with a very strong foreign accent results in

nothing but frustration, misunderstanding & absolutely no action.

  • barrycdawson
  • 2 months ago

Ok this month

  • itsdrole
  • 2 months ago

Infinitely variable speeds and the worst customer service of any organisation I have ever dealt with - ever, for any type of service in over 40 years. Appallingly uncaring, unhelpful and positively devious. If you call to discuss a problem you get stock answers - "everything is fine as far as we can see", regardless of what you are actually experiencing. So far, over the past 10 months my 200Mb connection averages out at around half that, with a minimum speed of 936 Kb (yes that does say Kb), and that, according to VM, is perfectly fine. Will definitely be leaving as soon as I can. I'd rather have a consistent 80%-90% of some lower speed connection than this thoroughly unreliable rubbish. Shame on you VM, you were once really good.

  • johngfitzgerald
  • 2 months ago

The worst customer service I have ever encountered. Absolutely awful. Avoid like the plague.

  • chillysnow
  • 3 months ago

If I could find a decent INTERNET provider with a fast line speed, then I would definitely change ....
Virgin increase their prices almost every 6 months...

I doubt if I am the only one who is sick of this treatment..

  • daviegg
  • 3 months ago

Speeds and reliability are second to none. Tech support is a trial, but when you get the right person, it's first rate. Be very patient, keep phoning.
BUT. Their prices are outrageous and getting worse. Just had a note to say the bill will rise by £3/mth from 1st November. Lost count of price rises this year, 3 or 4 maybe. Contacted them, got a loyalty discount for 12 months and dropped evening free calls, but still hitting high £30's now plus £3. Can get a much better rate if i were a new user of a around £25/mth, but as i'm not, I can't have it. Been with VM for years and i'm penalised for it. Rise to pay for expansion. Tap your shareholders for it, they get back plenty. Not a happy bunny.

  • linoscan
  • 3 months ago

Download speeds are good but occasionally the service drops out without warning. Not very often thank goodness.

  • tonygrice
  • 3 months ago

I'm currently on on the 200mb service. When it's good it's very very good and when it's bad its awful. Customer "service" is a joke and it could not get any worse. Current issues took a 15 days to sort out, it was always in a couple of days.

I've been a broadband customer for 19 years joining at 512k and just found out I am paying £24 a month more than my neighbour on exactly the same TV/broadband/phone package whose joined 2 years ago.

No reward for loyalty. If BT could provide the same bandwidth I would be off like a shot.

  • mdlpuk
  • 3 months ago

I love the speed of the vivid 200 but I signed up for mix package with a land line. they did not tell me they could not provide the phone line as the had a capacity issues in my area. the service can not solve this issue so I have no phone line and looks like I will not get one.
I find this frustrating and totally unacceptable for a communications company. I have told them I need a land line to use a rapid response system as my wife has a heart condition and has suffers strokes. but as yet after two months no movement and sent me a message to say they will send an engineer on the 3rd of March 2033. so I can't recommend them.

  • getreal
  • 3 months ago

poor bandwidth....200meg cannot support 3 gamers on line at same time...

  • sharp66
  • 3 months ago

Shite .QED

  • db133
  • 3 months ago

Good but very pricey! When they increase elements it always appears to be above price of inflation.

  • victoria2001
  • 3 months ago

Their super hub 3 fails twice a week. It can’t serve more than one router or work alongside Sonos. Pretty pathetic

  • muzzer100
  • 4 months ago

Overcharged for a faulty service yet again

  • db133
  • 4 months ago

With prices going up yet again on the first of October by £3 a month I will be moving provider, ok the speed won't be so good but I no longer need speed cost is a vital factor now I am disabled and money is tight, I have put up with lousy customer service and repeated slow downs and no service for the last 16 years.

  • piggyman
  • 4 months ago

I had some problems with the service being down for varying periods of time, usually an hour or two, but that hasn't been the case for some time.

I haven't had any reason to contact support - I left the earlier problems to resolve themselves.

The service is now reliable and very fast, but getting increasingly expensive !

  • ashleya
  • 4 months ago

Speed fine until the inevitable dropped connection which happens several times a day.

  • pippamuffin
  • 4 months ago

Virgin Media has lost its way, given up even trying to get problems sorted, and now just wants the money .... i had not thought it could get worse than it has been over the last 2 decades, but i now have an account for a 300Mb/sec account that rarely gets above 150 ... but far worse is that altho the speeds can be verified there is no SUBSTANCE to the internet so everything is very slow and wi-fi from my Hub is so pathetic it is not even enough to sign in to the VM app on my iPhone .... i tend to use a neighbours BT WiFi w FON which allows me to actually do things ... quite how it is possible to be charged over £100pm for broadband/tv/landline and yet have to resort to free WIFi is beyond me ...... utterly pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!! if i could give a MINUS mark i would (i would give VM a -5)

  • aaaashy
  • 4 months ago

After all these years with bell cable media and its various incarnations still the customer service stinks

  • Macman2007
  • 4 months ago

Overall they are good. I feel that my speed is not always what it says on the tin, but that is covered by the "UP TO BIT"
There contact centres tend to be in the far east which presents language and mis-understandings and frustrations.
The price is an increasingly difficult problem for the whole package that I subscribe to.

  • victoria2001
  • 4 months ago

They are normally very reliable and courteous but this month they have been neither.
I still have the original fault with no indication why.

AS I said, normally very reliable and good.

  • RogerR
  • 5 months ago

My Speed is Excellent
But you site does not represent accurate results as it all depends which Browser you use!!!
Opera best reults
Chrome nearly as good
Firefox not as good
and Edge always fairs the worst
Plus I never get my 350 Mbps on your site no matter what time of day!
But in news groups using a European server I do get my full speed!

  • 1Gopher
  • 5 months ago

Recently very frequent lost connections. Fortunately don’t last long.

  • pippamuffin
  • 5 months ago

The new home hub supplied has improved WiFi reception about the house whilst the WiFi is running a second television service. Most impressive.

  • dave47m
  • 5 months ago

In a word 'Shite'.

who in their right mind gives a better deal to new customer than look after the 'old' one/s .......farce ....

  • db133
  • 5 months ago

Fast when works, coustumer service based in pakistan

  • jur1ss
  • 5 months ago

Virgin 200 meg service rubbish...get bandwidth issues when streaming direct from router...terrible customer service...operators hang up on you if you ask awkward questions...super hub 3 chipset latency denied all through the organisation, when TBB proves it (have even sent screenshots of SH2 with no latency and SH3 with major issues..!

Get better download speeds from Relish which is a 4G service ,with less dropouts......Virgin need to wake up.

  • sharp66
  • 5 months ago

Total shite! Constantly fails without reason. Luckily their engineers are pretty good so, once you get them on the case, things will get sorted. Well, until the next time.

  • Marvin1
  • 6 months ago

Although on Virgin's Vivid 100 tariff, download speeds very rarely exceed 40Mb. The internet frequently drops out all together and I have rung Customer Services three times in the last two months to try to get it sorted out. The operators are always friendly and after each call the internet speed improved to around 50Mb but the next day, returned to it's normal, less than 40Mb speed. Still get frequent loss of internet so am considering changing ISP.

  • cjw9
  • 6 months ago

no no no

  • 2smithy
  • 6 months ago

All ok. Therefore do not neeed their support which is normally ok.

  • guesswot
  • 6 months ago

awful service

  • Emotionz
  • 7 months ago

I Cannot Fault My Service with Virgin Media

Though Its a shame that this site has to many variables with the speed test results Ie Best results are with Opera, then Chrome, firefox, Edge and Lastly Internet explorer in that order
So why the continual disparity depending on the Browser.
I have consistently run these tests over a month and get the same order each time

  • 1Gopher
  • 7 months ago

They charge more to existing customers than new.

BN1 Area has been 1/10 for months then bingo all working ok (when they want to ?)

customer service is a joke after an hour ( one put the phone down )they wanted a password , so did I that worked !

  • db133
  • 7 months ago

Download speeds very good when it is working but there are frequent unexplained outages, not long enough to phone up about but long enough to be annoying, its almost as though there is some sort of engineering work which momentarily cut the service. second, minutes occasional up to an hour. This happens two or three times a week.

  • Richproj
  • 7 months ago

Getting worse.

Maximum download speed 160 Mb not very good on a so called 350Mb connection.

  • lancslad43
  • 7 months ago

When it works its great but when its bad its real bad! Offshore support mainly, no quick fixes in site, normally just a friendly engineer visit as the go to line.

Generally would not recommend, if you are a gamer, steer clear... its a rocky road

  • Sirgimbola
  • 7 months ago

Consistently correct. A good price. Was with them for tv but they missed out on that. Why, who knows, I went for for Sky.. Poor work on Virgins sales team.

  • guesswot
  • 7 months ago

I cannot fault my service My 350 MB though is never reflected on TB site though I see full speed in News Groups and else ware

  • 1Gopher
  • 8 months ago

sh3 useless for gaming as it has a chipset that introduces latency to the connection of about 120 ms...have had to threaten to cancel contract until VM would reinstall SH2. SH2 not compatible with 300 m connections, so al in all VM are a bit of a mess as far as I am concerned

  • sharp66
  • 8 months ago

Generally an excellent service. Fast, reliable speeds.

  • wolfhound
  • 8 months ago

Really annoyed that when I asked for a new connection for a new build on a cabled street, this was too difficult for them. They even sent out a questionnaire which assumed I was building an entire estate of houses, before I gave up.

  • mmjjll
  • 8 months ago


  • yellowhat
  • 8 months ago

Gives you the speed you pay for unlike Open Reach which is far short of your paid for speed.
VM customer service is terrible because it is in India and VM do not care.

  • David-Park
  • 8 months ago

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