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You need to select a Usage Profile which best describes how much you think you will download from the Internet. If you are unsure, you should probably select "Home Light" or "Home Medium". It may be worth discussing this with other members of your household as some activity (e.g. downloading movies online) can increase the usage significantly. This setting will NOT affect the pricing for 'unlimited' packages.

Packages (based on 3GB transfer) - incl. 20% VAT
Package Name Speed Setup Monthly First Year
Sky Broadband Unlimited **£75 reward** 11 Mbps £9.95 £24.00 £288.00
Sky Fibre Unlimited **£75 reward** 34 Mbps £9.95 £30.00 £360.00
Sky Fibre Max **£75 reward** 57 Mbps £9.95 £35.00 £420.05

red prices indicated packages with usage based pricing (the more you download, the more it costs)

ISP Details
Name Sky
Legal Name Sky Broadband S.A.
Also Known As O2 Broadband
BE Broadband
Company Type UK Limited Company ( company number: B- 118.641 )
ISPA Member Corporate
What is this?

ISPA is the Internet Services Providers' Association (, a trade association which many ISPs are members of. ISPA members are subject to the ISPA Code of Practice in addition to any other dispute resolution schemes they may subscribe to.

Ofcom Code of Practice Yes
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The Ofcom Voluntary Code of Practice (Broadband) is an agreement broadband providers can subscribe to which promises they will provide consumers with information on the speeds they can achieve, what sort of traffic limits might be in place, etc. More details at

Migration Support Inbound and Outbound
What is this?

Migration is the process of moving a broadband service from one ISP to another, usually minimising the amount of disruption in the process. Inbound migration means your ISP will allow you to transfer to their service from another ISP. Outbound migration means you can transfer from their service to another ISP.

If your ISP doesn't support migration, you would need to cancel your broadband service, wait until it's removed from your line and then re-order with another ISP. This may cost most and will result in a longer period of no connectivity.

We recommend you choose an ISP which support both inbound and outbound migration.

Ratings starstarstarhalf star compare this ISP to others
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Contact Details
Sales Telephone 08442 411 818 (Non-geographic "national" (e.g. 0870)) Mon - Fri (08:30 - 23:00) | Sat (08:30 - 23:00) | Sun (08:30 - 23:00)
Support Telephone 08442 411 653 (Non-geographic "national" (e.g. 0870)) Open 24/7

Costly and increasing prices

  • seashore
  • about 1 month ago

I have been very impressed with Sky since I moved to them. They have excelled in customer service and reliability of their provision both speech and broadband.

  • derekreeves
  • about 1 month ago

Sadly sky's router is the worst i've ever had, the 4 lan ports are only 300mbits so useless for use with any nas. leaving sky was an absolute nightmare.
unhappy with price jump at end of contract, i downgraded to standard bb, from fibre, after been offered a "special deal" from "retention" over the phone, only to realise that a flyer which came in the post that same day, was cheaper. so much for the "special deal". so i decided to cancel and move to plusnet withn 5 mins. was then told on phone that i needed to wait till bb went live, then after 30 days i could cancel. So i was denied any cooling off period. i refused to accept this, but because plusnet could not take over the line till sky released it, i was helpless. i'll never ever buy sky products in the future.

  • forrozza
  • about 1 month ago

Sky Fibre Unlimited -
When I first switched to Sky, my download speeds were roughly between 19 and 21 Mbps and the upload speeds were typically between 7 to 9Mbps. These speeds far exceeded my former ISP, (BT)which was simply dreadful coupled with pathetic customer service, so I was reasonably happy. However, these figures are miles away from the speeds stated on my contract which were, "a Guaranteed Minimum Access Line Speed of 34.9Mbps".
Unfortunately, things have not remained so good. Now I'm getting substantially slower speeds. Download anywhere between 6 to 15Mbps and uploads are typically at 2 to 7Mbps.
It'll be time to change when my 12 months contract is up.
I will be contacting Customer Services and will do another review depending on the outcome of that exercise.

  • fastlemon
  • about 1 month ago

My broadband seems to be getter and slower and slower. Past experience suggests there's little point in trying to call them and get an answer. Firstly it takes too long and secondly you just get fobbed off.
Best to change provider when the current commitment expires

  • IanGeale
  • about 1 month ago

TBH Sky’s support has been great, they’ve worked with Openreach to try and cure my Broadband problems, but all the effort is to no avail. Would any other ISP have done any better, probably not, but perhaps BT may have. That’s only because the underlying infrastructure is originally BT’s.
I moved to my house and BT’s dsl checker site... was telling me I could expect up to 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up. To be honest, the up speed is as important as the down speed to me, in these days of Cloud technology. It started off at 52Mbps. I waited 10 days for stabilisation. I then had my first encounter with Openreach. Theyttested stuff, there was a small improvement in speed. It eventually went into reverse. As a Sky Fibre Max customer my 30 days to get out of the contract had run out. Still didn’t hit the 55Mbps they said they could deliver. Now, months later, my line has ‘settled’ at 39Mbps down and 9Mbps up. BT’s DSL checker is now more accuratel too. I suspect because I was the main VDSL customer in the street. It is a Virgin Cable area too. Also had another Ooenworld visit, again to no improvement.
So, as such, Sky’s support has been great, always polite and helpful. But I’m 15Mbps below my target speed of 55 Mbps. Sky could work with Openworld to cure the ills of the whole street, but that’s never likely to happen. If only the cable to my DP had come from the other direction up the street, then I’d likely be sat on a minimum 60Mbps, as that direction is closer to the DSLAM. But there’s not a hope in hell of that happening. So, sadly Sky, the reliability of the line, and my overall satisfaction of the service is at best average. That might seem unfair but thems the shakes.

  • loaderladdy
  • about 1 month ago

Recently switched to Sky after seeing the good guaranteed minimum speed they were advertising. What a mistake. The speed is actually a third of the guaranteed minimum when tested with OpenReach wholesale speed checker. To add insult to injury their engineer failed to turn up for an arranged appointment to look at this problem and they have just advised me that my monthly payment is going up by double the rate of inflation. I cannot help but think that all their sales promotions are one big lie to get people to switch.

  • jhardman
  • 2 months ago

All systems working well for me

  • davefangrove
  • 2 months ago

Hopeless customer service. Sky prefer to spend hours on the phone to the customer repeatedly 'testing' things like the router and the NTE and faceplate rather than actually get Openreach to fix the problem which every bit of formal testing showed to be outside the premises and between 100 and 300m from the end point. It took nearly a complete year for Openreach to properly fix a simple intermittent connection issue in a cabinet. At least ten site visits in total. Up time of a broadband connection would be less than 20 seconds, repeating for days at a time, the voice circuit so noisy it was unusable for MONTHS. Only one person employed by Openreach properly investigated every joint in that range - they fixed the problem in less than 10 minutes and that includes at leadt five minutes driving to and from the cabinet.

Openreach are rubbish, but Sky really couldn't give a stuff.

  • M100
  • 2 months ago

I have not experienced any problems with my Sky connection at any time. Customer Service are always very helpful on the rare occasions that I contact them. My only gripe is that they are quite expensive & whenever they offer new 'add-ons' it's always ONLY this & ONLY that per month but they stay shy of telling you the annual cost which can add up to a lot of money over 12 months. Also NETFLIX is far better & a lot cheaper than Sky's films package & with a greater content & mostly in 4K.

  • 2 months ago

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