Broadband Factsheet

Up-to-date data on broadband availability can be found on our Local Broadband Information site.

The broadband factsheet was a document published by thinkbroadband quarterly between 2012 and 2014 to present  UK boadband statistics. It is presented in an easy-to-understand graphical form.

We are currently not publishing new factsheets, however the old ones are provided here for reference. We may look to start re-publishing the information in a slightly different form.

The latest factsheet for Q1/2014 was published on 05/03/14 and is available for download:

Broadband Factsheet
(click on the image to download the current factsheet)

Previous factsheets

EditionKey TopicDate PublishedOptions
Q1/2014 The latest UK regional speeds showing fastest and slowest broadband areas 05/03/2014 download
Q4/2013 Updates to market share of major broadband providers in UK 28/11/2013 download
Q3/2013 UK regional broadband speeds and revised projection for UK wide average speed in 2015 10/09/2013 download
Q2/2013 Latest market share changes and improved information or rural/urban digital divide 02/07/2013 download
Q1/2013 Effect of the acquisition of O2/BE customers by BSkyB and projection of UK broadband speeds in 2015 08/03/2013 download
Q4/2012 Projection of UK broadband speeds in 2015 and updated broadband market share 26/11/2012 download
Q3/2012 Broadband speeds in rural and urban areas and what is possible with different speeds of broadband 01/10/2012 download
Q2/2012 First factsheet; Breakdown of BT Group, Virgin Media and TalkTalk markets 28/06/2012 download

What does the factsheet include

Each edition of the factsheet will contain core statistics as well as a special feature (beginning from the second edition) on a particular topic of interest in the broadband scene.

Core topics

  • Highlights from broadband news in last quarter
  • Broadband availability
  • Average broadband speeds across regions
  • Slowest and fastest parts of the UK
  • Access to superfast broadband
  • Current & historic market share of the largest broadband providers
  • Data usage for common applications

Informational Topics

We seek to include information on how broadband works or how the markets are regulated by Ofcom.

  • Telephone exchanges & Markets (Market 1 / 2 / 3 / Kingston)
  • Broadband Timeline
  • Recent key developments in broadband