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IPv6 Readiness Test

This image based test is provided for those with browsers or browser plugins incompatible with the main test. This page provides only a subset of features, but should be enough for a simple pass/fail.

The following table will try and load 3 images.

Pass? Important?  
X Yes IPv4. Basic traditional Internet.
X Yes IPv4 and IPv6 - Dual Stack. If this fails, you may have problems on World IPv6 Day - seek help from your IT department, helpdesk, or ISP tech support. If this fails, consider using the full test, with IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, to get more detailed information about possible failure reasons.
X Not Yet IPv6. If green, this means you have IPv6, and you're on the cutting edge. If red or blank, do not stress! Few people already have IPv6 at this time; and it is not critical for 2011 but will be for the coming years.