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Free BT Infinity 1 offer and £50 Sainsbury's voucher

The competition for your broadband custom is increasing and with Sky having lead the free broadband charge, BT itself has jumped on-board and is offering the first six months of service on its BT Infinity 1 service for free.

The offer replaces the previous £5 per month for 6 months deal, so is an extra £30 saving, and the standard £50 Sainsbury's gift card is still available. An important point with the service is that it has a 20GB usage cap, which if you are enjoying your superfast service for video streaming may prove somewhat limiting.

After the free period the monthly price is £15 per month, and if you remain after the 18 month contract the price will rise to £18 per month, though signing another minimum term may reduce the price again. Voice line rental currently at £15.99 per month applies and this rises to £16.99 on 1st December 2014.


What would be a realistic usage reason for having 38Mb/s but capped at 20GB per month?

Surely if you aren't hitting that sort of cap then you don't need the speed offered.

  • fusen
  • over 6 years ago

People who want speed of browsing but do not do a lot of video streaming beyond a few hours every month.

Remember while lots visiting here may have fully embraced IPTV the majority are still that 1 or 2 hours per month that they forgot to set on PVR

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • over 6 years ago

FTTC would give us around 5MB, at that 20GB is not too bad, but as TalkTalk is offering 6 months at £5 then remaining 12 months at £10 with no cap BT are still way off the mark.

  • burble
  • over 6 years ago

So the offer is:
BB: 6 x £0 + 12 x £15 = £180 plus
LR: 3 x £16 + 15 x £17 = £303
or £483 over 18 months = £26.83 per month
(for 18 months until you are free to go elsewhere)
So why don't they just say so?

  • dsf58
  • over 6 years ago

Apart from the obfuscation, I am also wary of operators orientated towards the "typical consumer" who make such offers. People will sign up to something "free", and then next year feel stung. And remember the Bank of England is telegraphing that interest rates are due to go up next year.

OK, you can work it out - but I fear many don't and these sort of deals seem designed to snare those who don't think beyond the word "free" - and are therefore (Wonga style) irresponsible.

  • dsf58
  • over 6 years ago

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