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RiPWiRE customers acquired by Ask4

Ask4 have announced today that they will be taking over all Digital Region contracts from ISP RipWire, who last week announced they would be ceasing trading. Ask4 will be making contact with RiPWiRE's customers over the next week to transfer services without interruption to service they claim.

"We believe in offering fantastic service and fanatical support to our customers and are working hard to move RiPWiRE’s customers with as little disruption as possible. It is our goal to move customers to our network with absolutely minimal down‐time, and our support staff will be contacting customers directly to make arrangements."

Jonathan Burrows, Managing Director, Ask4

Ask4 began in 2000 as an ISP providing broadband to multiple-tenanted buildings in Sheffield, and has since expanded in to other areas within the broadband industry.

    Hayley Mitchell


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