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Three offer 3G Wi-Fi router to customers

An annoying thing with the 3G data dongles is that they do not work with all USB devices. A good many mobile devices include Wi-Fi so a router that accepts a 3G modem and shares this out over Wi-Fi would make for a useful accessory, add a battery so it is mobile and you have a lot more options for where you can use the device.

The Wireless Router for 3 Mobile Broadband costs £69.99 when purchased with one of the 3 mobile broadband dongles. Beyond the basic price and options of a black or white model there is little other info apart from the fact the device is tied to the 3 service.

3G routers have come down in price very quickly as mobile broadband dongles have increased in popularity. A quick search online reveals a number of devices available in the £50 to £90 bracket, including the Billion 7402GXL router, which offers both support for 3G modems and ADSL2+, with automatic fail over from ADSL2+ to 3G.

3G routers also will allow people to position their 3G modem in the optimal location in their home, if using mobile broadband as their main broadband service. Though for many a cheaper solution will be to see if the modem works over a USB extension lead. If using a 3G router to share the connection it would be wise to ensure you have security switched on, otherwise a 2 or 3GB monthly allowance could vanish over night.


I still don't get why no one is supplying a 3G router with built in HSxPA modem. [url=]Option[/url] make one but it is expensive, maybe that is the problem. A product that has an external antenna connection is really needed to make 3G broadband a good alternative to ADSL where 3G signal at ground-level/indoors is poor/non-existent.

  • timmay
  • over 12 years ago

I have used the Billion7300 GX with a few different data cards... with external antennas

I think it is better to have the data card (or USB dongle) detachable, then if you want to travel with it you can, and then when you are back at a fixed base, in your camper or on your narrowboat you can share the connection - the 7300 comes with a cigarette lighter power lead too!

  • cinimod
  • over 12 years ago

Service doesnt appeal to me at all but i like the design for the router they have come up with, looks very neat and compact.... Not sure id want to pay 70 quid but atleast its another option which other providers are sure to follow

  • over 12 years ago

Most landline broadband providers offer a router free of charge depending on the length of contract. Why not mobile providers too? I found that by using the USB extension cable gives me a better quality signal. I am with "3".

  • StickyMome
  • over 11 years ago

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