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Not free broadband - but a free PC

PC Pro has news that the sister company to Watford Electronics is about to launch a broadband service for £19.99 per month for an up to 8Mbps service, where if you take out a three year contract you will get a free PC.

It seems the free computer will be paid for by a mixture of the subscription fee and advertising via the web portal according to the other article. The talk of up to 24Mbps broadband is a bit premature as BT has not fully announced the timetable or any pricing for this, since it is part of the broadband upgrades that will follow on as the 21st Century Network is rolled out.

The website is just a simple registration site currently. As with all offers we recommend people read the terms and conditions as well as looking at things like support costs. For people who have a very old home computer or none at all, the deal may prove attractive, but with no real detail it is hard to say anything concrete.


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