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News for customers of Blue Leaf service has some news for BlueLeaf customers from the company's broadband supplier Your Communications.

The upshot appears to be that the search for a buyer of the Blue Leaf customer base is underway, and once that is finalised customers will have the choice of staying with the new provider, or migrating away.

Importantly for Blue Leaf customers who experience a problem with their ADSL connection at this time, they can call 0800 195 5222 to contact Your Communications.

This is the third service provider to hit serious problems in what seems just a few weeks, leaving customers in a state of confusion and worry. In the case of customers of E7Even and Euro1Net it has been interesting to see some people go to the big five providers for the sense of stability they can bring, whereas others are simply chasing the next best deal. As many people find their broadband more crucial in their day to day life, then the wisdom of chasing simply the cheapest deal may prove to be false economy, we would recommend at the very least building a short list of providers based on your own criteria and then talking to others to see what their day to day experience of them is like. What others say about a service will be confusing, but its cheaper to talk and listen than to sign up and discover a service is not quite what you expected.


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