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Freedom2Surf launch W-Fi Hotspots service

Using BT OpenZone hotspots has perhaps just got a bit cheaper. Freedom2Surf has entered into a partnership with BT Openzone to give access to their network 1,300 Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK. The bonus is that Freedom2Surf will be offering the service for up to 50% of the cost of normal BT OpenZone price.




Occasional Use per minute 10p
Daily Use 60 £4.50
Weekly Use 5 hours £15
Monthly Use 20 hours £30

The full announcement can be found here. The service will be marketed aggressively to the growing market of business travellers who require Internet access on the move, as well to Freedom2Surfs large base of existing broadband customers.

"Arguably the biggest barrier to greater Wi-Fi use in the UK is the perceived high-cost of access. As with broadband, we have shown that by lowering prices take-up can really sky rocket. The launch of the Freedom2Surf Hotspot service introduces some much needed competition and innovation into the wi-fi market. Business users can now at last affordably access the Internet on the move – more often and for longer and at up to half the price – through over 1,300 Freedom2Surf enabled hotspots nationwide."

Chris Panayis, Managing Director, Freedom2Surf plc


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