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Pipex offer up to two months free broadband

Pipex who have a history of breaking the mould with regards to broadband pricing, are now offering users who migrate to Pipex a good deal. Residential customers who migrate from another ISP to Pipex will receive one months free service if you take the free modem from Pipex. If you have your own modem or router already, the offer increases to two months free service.

Business customers are not missed out either, customers migrating to Pipex will receive one months free service. The full Pipex press release with further information can be read here.

The ability to migrate between the various BT IPStream based service providers is a lot simpler than it was two years ago, but we are seeing some providers making life difficult. There is at least one service provider (not Pipex) that charges £30 to provide users with the migration code (MAC number) needed to migrate, even when outside the minimum contract term. Users who simply cease their service with the provider in question are not charged anything. We feel it is unfair to charge people what effectively amounts to a penalty fee to leave a service provider, and would call on Ofcom to look into this sort of practice. Ofcom does have a 'Code of Practice' for migrations, but this is only voluntary, perhaps the time has come for a compulsory migration code to be produced by Ofcom.


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