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You need to select a Usage Profile which best describes how much you think you will download from the Internet. If you are unsure, you should probably select "Home Light" or "Home Medium". It may be worth discussing this with other members of your household as some activity (e.g. downloading movies online) can increase the usage significantly. This setting will NOT affect the pricing for 'unlimited' packages.

Packages (based on 3GB transfer) - incl. 20% VAT
Package Name Speed Setup Monthly First Year
Fast Broadband **sale** 11 Mbps £0.00 £17.00 £204.05
Unlimited Faster Fibre Broadband **sale** 35 Mbps £0.00 £22.50 £270.00
Unlimited Fibre Speed Boost **sale** 63 Mbps £0.00 £27.50 £330.05
Faster 150 Fibre 140 Mbps £0.00 £40.00 £479.95
Faster 300 Fibre 290 Mbps £0.00 £50.00 £600.05
TV with Fast Broadband **Includes TV Select Boost** 11 Mbps £25.00 £24.00 £288.00
TV Plus with Fast Broadband **Includes TV Select** 11 Mbps £25.00 £24.00 £288.00
TV with Faster Fibre Broadband **Includes TV Select Boost** 35 Mbps £25.00 £29.50 £353.95
TV Plus with Faster Fibre Broadband **Includes TV Select** 35 Mbps £25.00 £29.50 £353.95
Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband 900 Mbps £0.00 £21.70 £260.35
TV Plus with Ultra Fibre Optic Broadband 900 Mbps £50.00 £27.70 £332.35

red prices indicated packages with usage based pricing (the more you download, the more it costs)

ISP Details
Name TalkTalk
Legal Name TalkTalk Telecom Limited
Also Known As Tiscali
Company Type UK Limited Company ( company number: 01599423 )
ISPA Member Corporate
What is this?

ISPA is the Internet Services Providers' Association (, a trade association which many ISPs are members of. ISPA members are subject to the ISPA Code of Practice in addition to any other dispute resolution schemes they may subscribe to.

Ofcom Code of Practice Yes
What is this?

The Ofcom Voluntary Code of Practice (Broadband) is an agreement broadband providers can subscribe to which promises they will provide consumers with information on the speeds they can achieve, what sort of traffic limits might be in place, etc. More details at

Migration Support Inbound and Outbound
What is this?

Migration is the process of moving a broadband service from one ISP to another, usually minimising the amount of disruption in the process. Inbound migration means your ISP will allow you to transfer to their service from another ISP. Outbound migration means you can transfer from their service to another ISP.

If your ISP doesn't support migration, you would need to cancel your broadband service, wait until it's removed from your line and then re-order with another ISP. This may cost most and will result in a longer period of no connectivity.

We recommend you choose an ISP which support both inbound and outbound migration.

Ratings starstarhalf star compare this ISP to others
Links Homepage | Home Broadband | Business Broadband | Complaints Policy
Contact Details
Sales Telephone 0808 108 0346 (Free Call (e.g. 0800)) Mon - Fri (08:00 - 21:00) | Sat (09:00 - 20:00) | Sun (09:00 - 20:00)
Support Telephone 0203 441 5550 (Geographic (e.g. 020)) Mon - Fri (08:00 - 20:00) | Sat (09:00 - 18:00) | Sun (10:00 - 17:00)

download speed terrible 4.5 m engineering people terrible leaves you hanging for 10 mins plus - gave up.

  • kelloe
  • 1 day ago

They are so scummy they throttle your speed after you start a new contract (ADSL).

  • alotbit
  • 5 days ago

Having swapped to TT around a year ago, the overall impression of the service, phone and 38mb fibre-to-Cab broadband, has been OK. Yes it is slower than the previous 56mb fibre from BT, but at the 18mth contract price offered in the TT package I have, it is generally acceptable, as at present I'm not needing to stream TV. Being close to the local exchange building, I'm receiving close to max. speeds at the level quoted to me during sign-up.

I have had one major issue when the phone line dropped out, although broadband luckily continued fine, but believe that was caused by OpenReach staff fiddling around in the local cabinet, which resulted in my being cut-off - I actually saw them doing this and even exchanged a brief word as I passed by them on the way out. So I didn't discover the problem until later in the that week.

The resulting problem did take more than a week to organise an OpenReach visit to sort, but TT compensated for that financially.
However, I did find reporting the loss of service to be a pain to resolve, as the website offers no direct means to do so. I used their 'chat' facility to do this, which did take some time to sort out the details during the thread. Due to the lengthy method, the first time I tried, I was cut off by the chatline, while still trying to type out my response. When I tried to restart the chat, all operatives were engaged, so I had to try again on a different day, which increased the delay in getting the problem dealt with and also required going through the whole process again.

That aspect could be better handled by TT. But, once organised, the customer handling of the issue was just fine and I cannot complain about that aspect.

I did read reviews before trying TT, but considered financially beneficial to give them a try. I haven't been disappointed in that, as the savings amount to around £300 annually.

  • PJHB
  • 5 days ago

Matters became so bad with my broadband speed that I resorted to using CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution). TalkTalk must have the worst customer relationship ever. They don't listen. They don't even read an old fashioned letter. Worse still they try to (forgive my language) "bullshit" their way out of a known problem. I have been in this business for 30 years, so when I tell them that the evidence excluded a local user connection problem with clear analytical data (provided to them) they should have listened. I even had communication with their head of complaints but all to no avail. I now have a decent broadband system after using CEDR, but why could TalkTalk not have corrected the problem before? They can provide a decent system when provoked, but they must get their act together.

  • Mikedaytona
  • 5 days ago


  • jamccreton
  • 6 days ago

Download speeds permit 4K streaming, no customer services required, I have not had cause to complain since upgrading last year. I have not experienced the talktalk problems as reported in the press recently...

  • rbwalmsley
  • 6 days ago

A very slow upload speed of 5 Mbs. Advertised as 10 Mbs

  • jonial
  • 6 days ago

Get half the speed I am paying for, very hard to understand some operators when on the phone.

  • bigray
  • 6 days ago

very poor speed
poor customer service. left on hold for 10 minutes and gave up

  • kelloe
  • 24 days ago

TalkTalk is the very best provider in TN261HL, you will get more signal strength and speed with TalkTalk whether its ADSL2 or VDSL, however I always leave a poor review which is unfair as its the area that is poor and not TalkTalk. Then there are the lower operating costs to consider. No contest really.

  • Smudger444
  • about 1 month ago

Download speed decreasing daily now down to 4.5 technical dept just leaves you hanging why not put the low speeds customers on fibre??

  • kelloe
  • about 1 month ago

I can see why Utility Warehouse have won Which? Best Broadband again, rock solid, great service and inexpensive too.
Plus not having to deal with BT is an added bonus!

  • wjenkyns
  • about 1 month ago

Support is long winded, problems take an age to get sorted out & difficulty understanding what some support workers are saying.

  • _John_
  • about 1 month ago

Talktalk broadband is good till you a problem customer service is total naff people you can’t understand the language barrier is very bad, they have no sense of time.
They don’t follow up request to contact a manager if you ask.

  • 2bagstew
  • about 1 month ago

Rip off - speed is dire - customer service is awful - Prices go up but speed goes down. My age and other constraints make it difficult to swap provider. There are providers out there that provide far better customer service and value for money.

  • Graycus
  • about 1 month ago

THe TalkTalk Fast Fibre Broadband maintains a good speed circa 60 meg but occasionally drops out. However whenever you have to deal with their admin ets "pants".

  • TonyPrior
  • about 1 month ago

i have been a customer of TalkTalk for many years and have always had the max.speed the (BT!) line would carry and quite acceptable service and reliability. We moved 9 months ago
from a 4 to a 20 mb connection which is great. We have 24/7 international and all other phone calls and unlimited Fibre Bd Band for a very reasonable fixed monthly figure.

  • tdhollis
  • about 1 month ago

I know TalkTalk get bad press but I have been with them for many years since they took over Tiscali, the couple of problems I have had over the years were resolved quickly and generally the service I get daily is good. Manage to negotiate a new contract recently with them with good prices, so no complaint.

  • LJSWales
  • about 1 month ago

Another month of below par internet connections on a copper phone line with no hint of any upgrading to fibre in the offing in Brixham Devon

  • Pete-W-Trotman
  • about 1 month ago

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