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How to get an ISP listing on


If you are already listed on our site and are looking to update the information we hold, you can skip the criteria section.

We list different kinds of broadband providers. If you provide a DSL service in the UK we require you to meet the below criteria. If you provide services in a different way (e.g. Wireless broadband) please contact us for further details of listing.

DSL Criteria

  1. Services are currently being installed and are available for order; AND
  2. You have your own assigned IP space; AND
  3. You either have your own BT central pipe OR you have a different direct relationship with a wholesale DSL provider (or you are a wholesale DSL provider)

For these purposes we deem a wholesaler as a telecommunications provider who has their own exchange equipment and provide broadband services using it OR a telecommunications provider who provides services using BT Datastream. If you have multiple relationships with different providers we will only list the products where you have a direct relationship with each wholesaler. Please note this generally excludes 'resellers' or 'shared central pipe' solutions.


Proof of Wholesaler relationship

Firstly we need to see proof that you have a BT central pipe installed. The document we ask to see is a copy of the BT Central pipe welcome letter that is sent out by BT upon completion of the BT central pipe install, usually in RTF or PDF format. This document contains certain information that is important to your order, so a copy should be available to all service providers. Your BT account manager should be able to help if you are unable to find this document.

If you are using a different wholesaler we may ask for alternative documentation or we may need to contact your wholesaler to confirm they provide you with suitable services.

Please note that we keep any information included in this document confidential.

Completed Spreadsheet Showing Details of Your Products

We have constructed a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into which providers can enter their products. There are two tabs- one for the ISP details, and another where you can put details of all your packets. Please complete both. Please also ensure all details are included for a full listing to be placed upon our website. Certain fields have static answers which must be picked from the list (for example possible answers of 'Yes / No' must be selected).

Microsoft Excel format Microsoft Excel format (zipped)

IP Address information

We need to know the IP address ranges you assign to customers of your broadband service. This is so we can enhance features of our site and automatically detect your customers and show information that may be relevant to them. We also use this information to allow your customers to rate your services and record speedtests.

This information should be sent in classless (CIDR) notation, one per line, in the body of the e-mail (see example below) and should only include the ranges you use for your broadband service. Please check with your network team if you do not know this information.

Sending Your Completed Spreadsheet

The two documents above should be sent to us as attachments contained within an e-mail to Please title the e-mail with a subject of:

[UPDATE - YOURISPNAME] if updating the listing

Please ensure that all attached documents are named and dated so that we can trace them back to your ISP, for example:


IP address information should be included in the text of the e-mail. An example is shown here:

How long does it take to get listed?

Adding a service provider will depend on how many other additions and updates need to be made, as well as other work that we are doing related to the site. If you have not heard from us within a week, forward your original e-mail, with attachments, to and it shall be prioritised accordingly.