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You need to select a Usage Profile which best describes how much you think you will download from the Internet. If you are unsure, you should probably select "Home Light" or "Home Medium". It may be worth discussing this with other members of your household as some activity (e.g. downloading movies online) can increase the usage significantly. This setting will NOT affect the pricing for 'unlimited' packages.

Packages (based on 3GB transfer) - incl. 20% VAT
Package Name Speed Setup Monthly First Year
Unlimited Broadband + Home Phone **£75 Reward Card** 10 Mbps FREE £18.99 £227.95
Unlimited Fibre + Home Phone **£50 reward card** 36 Mbps FREE £24.99 £299.95
Unlimited Fibre Extra + Home Phone **£50 reward card** 66 Mbps FREE £27.50 £330.05
Unlimited Business Broadband and Phone 10 Mbps FREE £19.80 £237.60
Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband 66 Mbps FREE £36.00 £432.00
Unlimited - Broadband Only 10 Mbps £25.00 £13.49 £161.86
Unlimited Broadband and Home Phone - No Contract 10 Mbps £25.00 £30.48 £30.48
Unlimited - Broadband Only - No Contract 10 Mbps £50.00 £14.99 £14.99
Unlimited Fibre + Home Phone 36 Mbps FREE £32.98 £395.71
Unlimited Fibre - Broadband Only 36 Mbps £50.00 £17.49 £209.95
Unlimited Fibre Extra + Home Phone 66 Mbps FREE £37.98 £455.76
Unlimited Fibre Extra - Broadband Only 66 Mbps £50.00 £22.40 £268.85
Unlimited Business Broadband - Broadband Only 10 Mbps FREE £18.00 £216.00
Business Broadband - Broadband Only (24 month contract) 10 Mbps FREE £12.00 £144.00

red prices indicated packages with usage based pricing (the more you download, the more it costs)

ISP Details
Name Plusnet
Legal Name Plusnet plc
Company Type UK Public Limited Company ( company number: 03279013 )
ISPA Member Large
What is this?

ISPA is the Internet Services Providers' Association (, a trade association which many ISPs are members of. ISPA members are subject to the ISPA Code of Practice in addition to any other dispute resolution schemes they may subscribe to.

Ofcom Code of Practice Yes
What is this?

The Ofcom Voluntary Code of Practice (Broadband) is an agreement broadband providers can subscribe to which promises they will provide consumers with information on the speeds they can achieve, what sort of traffic limits might be in place, etc. More details at

Migration Support Inbound and Outbound
What is this?

Migration is the process of moving a broadband service from one ISP to another, usually minimising the amount of disruption in the process. Inbound migration means your ISP will allow you to transfer to their service from another ISP. Outbound migration means you can transfer from their service to another ISP.

If your ISP doesn't support migration, you would need to cancel your broadband service, wait until it's removed from your line and then re-order with another ISP. This may cost most and will result in a longer period of no connectivity.

We recommend you choose an ISP which support both inbound and outbound migration.

Ratings starstarstarhalf star compare this ISP to others
Links Homepage | Home Broadband | Business Broadband
Contact Details
Sales Telephone 0800 432 0200 (Free Call (e.g. 0800)) Mon - Fri (07:30 - 22:00) | Sat (07:30 - 22:00) | Sun (07:30 - 22:00)
Support Telephone 0800 432 0200 (Free Call (e.g. 0800)) Mon - Fri (07:30 - 22:00) | Sat (07:30 - 22:00) | Sun (07:30 - 22:00)

Cheap broadband FTTC. They say I get 36Mbps download, but in reality I get 19Mbps. Still I should not complain at least I get a connection. I suppose that £17.49 a month is not to bad for the speed I get.

  • jhchicks_853
  • 17 days ago

Well, I got a good deal on my fibre upgrade. It has taken several weeks to calibrate nonetheless, it is fine now and surfing and uploading is ultra quick, and am a contented customer.

  • adrian565
  • 19 days ago

General internet speeds are fine but my real gripe is with the Webmail service. It is absolutely shocking. Many users need a reliable IMAP connection for accessing email and the technical people at Plusnet either do not care or do not fully understand why this requirement is so important. The shoddy IMAP integration service has been ignored for the past couple of years and I personally know of dozens of people who have moved to an alternative provider because of this. There are literally hundreds of messages in their user forum relating to this issue, but the messages are simply ignored.

  • steveml
  • 24 days ago

I have been with Plusnet some considerable time and overall I have been very satisfied with their broadband service. On the rare occasion that I have had to contact their support team the response has been swift and the problem quickly resolved, however, the speed has become abysmal with a download speed of 4.6 and upload of 0.8 mbps it leaves me with no other option but to give a 3 star rating for overall satisfaction and that is perhaps being generous.

  • Oldseadog
  • 27 days ago

We have very simple requirements as we seldom download still less stream material, don't game, and don't touch Facebook etc. So we consider our Plusnet package of ADSL2+ at about 13Mb with unlimited 24-hour calls is good value at about £28 per month. The much derided Plusnet Hub One is perfectly adequate to replace my fancy Billion 7800 which cost £80, was no faster and burned out its wifi card just after the warranty expired at 2 yrs. By the nature of TBB we are more likely to hear about problems; since joining PN from BT almost four years ago we haven't had one outage and our connection is totally reliable.

  • mike41
  • 29 days ago

On the few occasions I have had to phone them I have had to hang on for up to 20 minutes before I was able to talk to anyone. They say their customer service is now improving. I'll be convinced if I have to contact them again.

  • joebrook
  • 29 days ago

I have been a Plusnet user for many years and they have out-shone all my previous ISPs.
On the odd occasion that I called their UK based help line I have been treated as though I am the most important customer they have.
What's not to eulogise over, in this current climate of "to hell with existing customers, let's court new clients with incentives"

  • daytripper81
  • 30 days ago

The speed goes down and up from 1,5 to 13 at best. Once I have used it for a few largish Downloads the speed drops off to unusable. Oh yes it is now very expensive.

  • gymnast
  • 30 days ago

Download speeds excellent - never any issues. Plusnet customer service is always excellent - such a relief not to have to deal with BT any more!

  • thecottage
  • about 1 month ago

The month of April 2018 has been good. Great connectivity to the internet; solid, reliable broadband speed and no throttling as yet. long may it continue.

  • adrian565
  • about 1 month ago

OK most of the time. But if things go wrong with broadband they will not admit they are at fault. Twice in the last year broadband speed has dropped off. The first time they contradicted themselves (in writing) so often that eventually they had to admit they had reduced the speed. The second time they knew there was an issue with the line (not a fault!) After a couple of days it disappeared and speeds improved. But a week later they asked me to pay £65 to get my wiring checked. My advice to anyone is keep checking your speeds and don't take anything they say at face value. Keep notes and tell them when they contradict themselves.

  • trefor215
  • about 1 month ago

I have been with Plusnet since 2006, and never had a problem. Only minor queries which have been dealt with quickly.

I don't have fibre broadband, but I can still stream live TV, so it's fast enough for our purposes. I have found them good at giving discounts too, if you ask nicely !

  • Cairnwell
  • about 1 month ago

I have been with Plusnet (Force9) for well over 15 years. Have tried other broadband providers but none of them came up to the standard of Force9 (Plusnet). The only was I would move if the increased the price by a large amount. I also have my line rental with them No problems.
Some times you can have a long wait to speak to someone but they usually sort out your problems.Excellent service.

  • billking1
  • about 1 month ago

good service - only wish they would make the telphone spam call blocking useful

  • drwright
  • about 1 month ago

Very difficult and time consuming to contact support.
Typically telephone lines consistently busy the online message service is been off line and no respond to e mails however the direct debit mandate for monthly payment works without faimove to Now moving to new isp provider
Plusnet say they will do you proud I think they should drop the word proud

  • tonywaltershome
  • about 1 month ago

I've been with Plusnet for several years, on fibre for the past 5. I find them to be very reliable with excellent customer support when things (BTOR0 go wrong.

In particular, they have a very active forum which is well supported by PN staff members.

  • about 1 month ago

I joined Plusnet as they had a good deal. Joining was very good, and they kept me informed of the progress. I had some questions and I wanted to email them, which I did, a few times, but had no answer. In the end, I had to phone to get the answer. I looked at their phone deals and saw one for 'Anytime International' for £8 per month, which included anytime UK. I emailed again, and once more no response and had to phone. I upgraded to the 'Anytime International' and they gave me a date of 19th April on the phone. I had confirmation email about the direct debit starting later than the 19th on 5th May, confusing as the upgrade starts on the direct debit being paid. I have used the phone and will be checking if there has been and charges and will complain.
I think that if Plusnet could pay attention to emails, I would give more points.

  • rkcl
  • about 1 month ago

They get progressively worse. Speeds fluctuate, mostly downwards. Customer satisfaction? Nil.

  • deniswaugh
  • about 1 month ago

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