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tbbMeter is a bandwidth meter we have developed to help you monitor your Internet usage. It allows you to see how much your computer is sending to and receiving from the Internet in real time. It also shows you how your Internet usage varies at different times of the day. It does not record what you do on the Internet (i.e. it doesn't know what web pages you visit).

This tool will help you to manage your usage to avoid incurring excess bandwidth fees or find your broadband provider slowing you down due to exceeding your monthly usage allowance.


Here are some of the features we have included:

  • Monitor the Internet usage of your computer in real time- see data being sent and received
  • See daily, monthly and weekly statistics on how much you use and when
  • Set alarms to protect yourself from exceeding your monthly usage allowance, or a fair use limit
  • Pre-defined alarm profiles available to download
  • Use the stopwatch to record how fast your downloads are
  • Run a ping stream to graph how your latency varies
  • Background tests and uploading usage data now disabled
  • Graph your usage from multiple household computers
  • Analyse performance by protocol (e.g. VoIP, p2p, etc.)

Download Now

You need to have installed the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework prior to installing tbbMeter. Newer versions of Windows may already have this installed or you can download it from Microsoft.

Current version: v0.9.8.4
Released: 15/02/2011
Size: 6.0MB

An older version is also available for download. Please note this version is not compatible with Windows 7 SP1, and we recommend that users of this use our latest version.

Previous version: v0.9.5.3
Released: 23/02/2010
Size: 5.5MB

If you need any assistance, please see our frequently asked questions. We also have a dedicated forum section for discussion of any issues.


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tbbMeter is currently only available for Windows XP, Windows Vista (32 and 64-bit versions) and Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit versions). It also requires .NET 2.0 or a later version of the .NET Framework to be installed to work.

The software will install and run on Windows 8 and Windows 10 but TCP/UDP traffic detection will not work. Some network card drivers may also be missing the performance counters missing, but manufacturers appear to have largely fixed those issues with driver updates.

You can find our license agreement here.