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Bulldog to offer 4Mbps DSL to home users

Bulldog the LLU operator is introducing a 4Mbps DSL product (PrimeTime 4000) targetted at home users for just £79.99 a month. The product is based around the same idea as their other Primetime products, i.e. that during office hours the connection runs at 512kbps downstream and 400kbps upstream, but outside those hours it runs at 4Mbps. To give an idea of how fast 4Mbps potentially is, a 100MB file should download in around 3.5 minutes.

Additionally a range of special offers on existing products has been announced, Primetime 1000 drops to just £29.99 a month. Perhaps most temptingly for people able to receive the service, the first 500 users to subscribe to the Primetime 1000 and Primetime 2000 services will receive 2 months free service and a reduced activation fee of £49. Of course the Primetime products are only available at the exchanges Bulldog have unbundled in Central London, but hopefully if products continue to prove popular, further rollout will increase the coverage. As some sort of compensation for those not on a LLU exchange, the AllTime 500 product which is available on any BT ADSL exchange is now priced at £24.99 a month, and still has its free activation offer during February running.

In terms of the number of users, Bulldog is aiming for at least 1000 Primetime customers by the end of the 1st quarter 2003.


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