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BT comes clean on Broadband

Guardian Unlimited have reported that Pierre Danon, the BT Retail chief, has confessed that the company initially got its approach to Broadband wrong.

Mr Danon is quoted as saying "As you know, we started completely wrong. It was all wrong and we had to change". Apparently since Ben Verwaayen has being at the helm, Broadband has very much been at the helm of BT's policies. Certainly the news that during January 2003, there was an additional 100,000 ADSL subscribers suggests that this policy is bearing fruit.

Interestingly Mr Danon has re-asserted that BT was confident the one million subscriber mark would be crossed sometime in Summer 2003. If the current level of sales continue that will be no problem, but it is very much dependant on how people react once the current special offers end in March.


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