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New simple to use Ethernet ADSL modem on the market

ADSL Nation has launched a new ADSL modem onto the market called the X-Modem. The X-modem is ideal for connecting a single computer or even an X-Box to an ADSL connection via Ethernet or USB, and is only £69.99 (inc VAT). Currently there is only one other pure ADSL modem on the UK market which is the DLink 300G+. It is nice to see the growth of competition in the hardware arena.

The DLink and X-modem are unique in that they do not contain any NAT router, and therefore present the full Internet IP address to the single computer that connects to the modem. This means users who have a single computer can benefit from a full IP connection, without the problems of USB modems. Additionally modems like this are useful for people who already own a cable/dsl router from a previous cable modem service and want to continue to use it, or to present the full IP to a router that handles firewalling/VPN issues. Some ADSL modem/routers have DHCP_Spoof modes that make them transparent also, but often these modes are not as reliable and for new users can be confusing to set-up.

ADSL Nation has a good reputation for supporting its previous AMX-64 product, hopefully the same effort will go into supporting this new modem. We hope to be able to do a review of the modem in the future, but first we need to finish the reviews of the clutch of new wireless hardware that we are currently testing.


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