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24,000 free months of broadband access from Pipex

In a move that goes a lot further than just offering free activations Pipex have announced a Broadband Refer-A-Friend program that rewards existing customers who refer new customers to Pipex.

The scheme appears pretty straightforward, in that for every new customer who gets connected, the referrer receives one months free service. People should be able to keep track of their current credit status under the scheme as Pipex has put together an online system.

The 24,000 months refers to the maximum number of free months service that will be handed out. So it is very much first come, first served with this scheme, and combine this with the low startup costs at present there is likely to be a big rush.

This move by Pipex comes at a time, when the demand for ADSL and broadband in general is growing rapidly. The trick is for ISPs to come up with promotions that do not break the bank and not leave any money for network upgrades. Pipex are saying that this scheme is viable, which it would appear to be.


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