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Service Providers taking Advance Orders

Service providers are now able to take orders for exchanges that are having building work carried out to enable them for the ADSL Broadband service. This means any exchange that has a 'Ready for Service' date.

The advantage of getting an order in early is that you may be one of the first in your area to get ADSL, and additionally with the current free or half price activation offers, it would be daft to miss out. It is worth mentioning that for the half price activation the order must be placed with the Service Provider prior to 31st March 2003, and the line activated by the end of April 2003. Though it is possible that not all service providers will follow this general time line, so please do check when placing an advance order.

We ran a short news article on BT Openworld taking advance orders, and a number of ISPs have informed us that you can order early through them. The ones we are currently aware of are:

Service providers taking Advance Orders


AllComm BISCIT Internet
BT Broadband BT Openworld
C2 Internet Bulldog Communications
Eclipse Freedom2Surf
Frontier Internet GetOnline Broadband
Internet Central Ltd Mailbox Internet Mistral
Nildram PlusNet Supanet
Vispa Internet Zen

There will be ISPs not listed who are taking part, so phone them to double check. If you know of an ISP taking part, who is not listed, email us at [email protected] and we will endeavour to add them.


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