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Mesh together and build a broadband network

The Register has an interesting item on Mesh technology and how it can be used to share one or more broadband connections.

The article revolves around a £250 Mesh control box, that looks after the running of the Mesh network. This is considerably cheaper than most hardware to date, and works with 802.11b networks. The box and lots more information can be found on

Essentially this means for under £300 you can set up a small network that covers your village, and by using directional antennae, a link to an area that perhaps has ADSL or cable modem access could be established. Alternatively a leased line could be obtained and then shared out between a number of users, which for some small villages is their best hope for obtaining decent broadband access before the next ice age. Another use for this hardware would be people on the edge of ADSL/Cable modem coverage areas.

A community in Devon, is using the technology now to provide local Internet access. To read more visit


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