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Which ISPs can handle Advance Orders?

BT Openworld has issued a press release stating that the ISP is to support the BT Wholesale Advance Orders system for exchanges that have a 'confirmed build date'.

By placing an order prior to the actual build date for an exchange it ensures that you will be on the first wave of users to connect, which with the length of time people have waited for Broadband to come to their area cannot be soon enough. The scheme started on 15th January 2002, and as yet most ISPs have been silent. In our forums, users have often ended up frustrated as they try to place orders and are told they can not until the actual build date. The fact that BT Openworld has started the ball rolling is likely to trigger action from the others.

It would seem BT Openworld is making a push for new users, since during February 2003, it will be running a series of TV and media advertising campaigns. The campaign is designed to highlight the current offers from BT Openworld and capitalise on the previous 'Dave the engineer' advertising during 2002.

If there are any other ISPs that are actively taking orders for exchanges that have confirmed build dates; feel free to contact us at ADSLGuide and we will endeavour to compile a list of Service Providers taking part.


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