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Bulldog pushes LLU forward...

Bulldog, one of the companies that unbundled local exchanges in the London area is pushing forward in getting their products out to the market. In addition to Bulldog's own end user products offering 1Mbps and 2Mbps access during off peak hours, it is allowing other ISPs to sell services using its LLU infrastructure in the same way BT Wholesale provides services to ISPs. Although Bulldog's coverage area is limited to 35 Central London exchanges, this will be a welcome option for those looking for SDSL or faster services at lower cost and support levels. It also boasts contention ratios as low as 5:1 (compared to BT's 20:1 minimum) and upstream speeds of 400kbps rather than the usual 256kbps. The SDSL services are more orientated towards businesses looking to replace expensive leased lines fast and generally reliable DSL services. Among Bulldog's clients include many ISPs already listed on our site (C2 Internet, Claranet, Mailbox, Mistral and Nildram) looking for a competitive edge over other DSL providers only offering BT's services and companies who are also using Bulldog to resell BT's IPStream Home and Office services. ISPs looking to expand their DSL range can contact Bulldog here. Let's hope this is the start of a larger scale unbundling of exchanges. [seb]


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