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Another ISP supplying 2-way satellite access

BISCit has joined the ranks of service providers offering two-way satellite based Internet access. The service provides speeds of upto 500kbps downstream, and 300kbps upstream; the service is contended so may slow down at peak times.

Price wise the service will not be popular with home users, but for business users there may be some appeal. The single user service starts at £70 per month (£975 install) and a multi user service is available for £149.99 a month (£1082 install).

BISCit are very upfront about the performance characteristics of the service and point out that it will roughly carry a 750ms latency, due in main to the high orbit of the satellite. The high latency will affect applications like remote control and voice over IP type systems, but should not adversely affect downloads or the delivery of email.

Satellite based Internet access is never going to be a massive market, but it is good to see competition appearring in that niche market.


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