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Nildram introduces "traffic shaping"...

...but only temporarily. Nildram, a well known ADSL ISP that has frequented the top of our speed tester statistics for the past few months is experiencing difficulties with a growing user base and lack of capacity on their central pipes. In the past few days, users of latency-sensitive applications such as online gaming and telnet have experienced problems at peak times when the central pipes have been overloaded. Orders for two more 155 Mbps pipes have already been placed with BT some time ago and were due to be on service by December 17th but Nildram now expect them not to be available until January 17th at the earliest.

In response to degrading performance across the Nildram ADSL service, Technical Director Adrian Mardlin yesterday announced the introduction of "traffic shaping" between 15:00 and 03:00 each evening/night when the most problems are occurring. It will take a couple of days for the prioritisation to be optimised, but basically if the network is very busy, it will limit the amount of bandwidth available to particular protocols and ports. As such, users may find that they receive good results on the speed tester whilst having problems with downloads or games if the DSL service is running at capacity.

Nildram would like to stress that this is merely a temporary measure until the additional central pipes are installed, and that it will be immediately removed once they are in operation. [seb]


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