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BT Openworld forgot the 50 pence for the meter

BBC News Online has a news item indicating that BT Openworld has certainly not got the New Year off to a good start.

Apparently BT Openworld has incorrectly issued cease letters to both customers and BT Wholesale. This has resulted in hundreds of ADSL customers on the BT Openworld service without a connection. Apparently the problem affected around 500 people who requested some change in their service, e.g. a switch from dynamic IP addressing to static IP addressing.

We have seen a few people in the forums with this problem, and the tales of getting passed from support person to support person, with no one taking ownership of the problem are all too common with BT Openworld faults. In theory anyone who has been disconnected should be reconnected in 5 working days (a week to most people). To discuss the problem visit out BT Openworld forum here.

In addition to this problem, there have been a number of users reporting that BT Openworld has sent out Open Relay SMTP Mail server warning letters to users. The irony is that people have received these letters and checked their server configurations which are set to deny open relay, which suggests another error or BT Openworlds checking is very poor. This follows on from BT Openworld enforcing a rule that SMTP servers can only be run by users on the static IP service, to switch from a dynamic IP tariff will cost £10+VAT per month.


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