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Service Providers react to Wholesale activation offer

Service Providers have in the last few days started to release a range of special offers to get 2003 off to a good start. Their offers generally are based around the half price activation offer that BT Wholesale announced earlier this week. Interestingly there does appear to be a willingness from ISPs to start the offer early or extend it to include free activation.

The table of ISPs here will grow as we find out from ISPs what their offers are. As always we ask users to confirm the details of any service with the service provider before ordering; mainly because pricing changes so rapidly that it is hard to keep up.


Setup Fee


Andrews & Arnold £60 From now till 31st March 2003.
AOL Broadband Free First month free also, plus £85 (inc VAT) for modem pack.
BISCit £15 Until 31st March 2003.
Boltblue Free + Free modem Currently available
BTA Limited £25 Runs from 10th January to 31st March 2003
BT Broadband Free Until 31st March 2003
BT Openworld Free Until 31st March 2003, on Home 500 Plug n Go and Business Plus products.
Bulldog Free All AllTime500 orders until 28th February 2003.
C2 Internet £25 Wires only service, until 31st March 2003.
C2 Internet £140 Engineer installed service, until 31st March 2003.
Demon Free Includes engineer installs.
Eclipse £25 Until end of March 2003
FairADSL £28.08 £16.16 per month. Offer until end of March 2003
Freedom2Surf £29.99 Optional 'ADSL in a box' package now £104, plus new £10 Friends & Family referral scheme.
Freeserve Free Existing offer
Gio Internet £27.99 Service starts at £15.31/month
ICM Netserv £29.50 Runs out 31st March 2003
Internal Central £104 Until 31st March 2003, on Business Starter Package
Internet Central £35 Until 31st March, on domestic package
izR £25 6th January to 31st March 2003
Nildram £25 For 3 months from 6th January 2003
One Tel Free Includes free modem for £29.99/month.
Newnet plc £25 Until 31st March 2003, and £130 on Business plus service.
Onyx Internet Free Home and Business Wires only services, until 31st March 2003
Pipex Solo2Go £19.95 Includes activation, Speedtouch 330 USB modem and 2 microfilters. Ends 31st March 2003.
Pipex Xtreme Solo Free Plus one months free subscription (worth £19.95). Ends 31st March 2003.
Plusnet £25 £17.01 (£19.99 inc VAT) ends 31st March 2003
Timewarp Free Pricing starts at £21.76 per month
Tiscali Free Currently applies to 512kbps service
V21 £29.99 Service £17.01 per month. Offer until 31st March 2003
Virgin Free Until 31st March 2003
Vispa £15 All Vispa Business Broadband packages until 31st March 2003
Wise Surfer £25.53 Service starts at £16.16 per month
Zen Internet £25 Runs from 20th December 2002 until 31st March 2003
NOTE: Pricing excludes VAT at 17.5%, unless otherwise stated

If you are aware of an ISP with an offer running that is not listed, please email [email protected] and I will endeavour to add it.

For the people on the new exchanges these offers are particularly good news, and hopefully the price cuts will further push demand for broadband around the country. In theory more demand should mean a higher chance that BT Wholesale and the LLU providers will decide to enable more exchanges. Additionally combine these price cuts with the massive reductions in hardware costs over the last 12 months and ADSL is moving from an expensive option to the sensible option. As examples, PCI modems are available from just £23, and Ethernet modems start at around £50. Compare this to prices of around £100 and £200 at the start of 2002.


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