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Satellite services good or bad?

Satellite based Internet access is often touted as the answer for areas of the UK that have no affordable broadband access at present, but there is very little information about how it works and what you can and cannot do with it. ZDNet UK has addressed this with a review of the service, which is a one-way satellite service started at £14.99 per month, and an amazing £399 installation fee.

Satellite services are a curious mix, in the UK they are being pushed heavily and even in the USA the DirecWAY service is advertised quite heavily. Though the future of Satellite Internet access appears to hang in the balance in the US, reports that the Wall Street Journal is quoting Hughes who run both DirecTV and DirecWAY are losing money on the DirecWAY service, and only has 175,000 customers. It is likely that the residential service may be discontinued and a planned residential component will be dropped from their next service.

So will Satellite services, fill the gaps in broadband coverage around the UK? The answer depends on who you are, if part of the government then yes because it allows you to assert that all UK households have access to broadband. Alas if your are a home user generally the limits of the service and high install costs make it prohibitively expensive.


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