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RADSL rubber band to be stretched - possibly

The 512kbps speed ADSL services which run using an RADSL profile are possibly going to have their reach further extended. BT Wholesale is looking at the possibility in the future of raising the pre-installation testing threshold from 55dB to 60dB. Once we have a definite date we will let you know. BT Wholesale has contacted us to let us know that a decision is likely to be made in January 2003, so whilst not certain there is a glimmer of hope.

This change should have no effect on existing users, since it only requires BT to change the limits in their testing procedures. The move should raise the average coverage on an ADSL enabled exchange from 94.5% to 97.5% of the population on that exchange. Whilst it appears to be minor tweaking it means that those people who've marginally failed the install tests in the past will have another chance at getting broadband.

In other ADSL news, the Mini DSLAM trial targeted at extremely remote areas is due to have final pricing announced in March 2003. It appears that Service Providers will be required to buy the connections in blocks of 16 users for a period of 3 years. Whether this 3 year commitment will translate into a 3 year contract for users is unclear at present, a lot will depend on the pricing and eventual popularity of the product.


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