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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for November 2002

Monthly results from our ISP Speed Test. Well done to Nildram who have managed to maintain a commanding lead for the last 3 months without any sign of performance degradation. Congratulations also goes out to Eclipse Internet for increasing average downstream performance from 389 to 412 Kbps and moving from 6th to 2nd position during November. Freeserve, FreeUK, Tiscali and BT Broadband (BT's 'no frills' ADSL service) failed to make the top 10 with average downstream speeds of 376, 375, 369 & 347 Kbps respectively.






1 Nildram 440 Kbps 237 Kbps 1785
2 Eclipse Internet 412 Kbps 231 Kbps 1216
3 Demon 402 Kbps 226 Kbps 1223
4 PlusNet 398 Kbps 204 Kbps 3396
5 Zen Internet 397 Kbps 229 Kbps 1686
6 PIPEX Internet Limited 394 Kbps 226 Kbps 5921
7 390 Kbps 233 Kbps 275
8= Freedom 2 Surf PLC 389 Kbps 220 Kbps 801
8= BTOpenworld 389 Kbps 206 Kbps 9762
10 One.Tel 385 Kbps 234 Kbps 267

Please note that smaller ISPs may be excluded from this list due to a lack or absence of speed test data. ISPs are ranked by average downstream speed for 512Kbps connections with a minimum of 150 confirmed test results ("total" column). In addition, we urge our users to try our ISP Comparator which considers other factors such as reliability and customer service. Remember to ask in our Message Boards if you're choosing a new ISP! To view a list of previous months results, click here.


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