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BT hits half a million broadband connections

BT has announced it has connected its 500,000th ADSL customer this morning. The connection was for a mobile phone outlet, Future AC, in Barking who chose Easynet as their service provider. Alison Ritchie, BT's newly appointed "Chief Broadband Officer" said: "This is an important milestone in our progress towards the challenging target of one million broadband connections by next summer, and five million by 2006.  The broadband bandwagon is now really gaining momentum, as awareness and demand are fuelled not only by our own intensive advertising and marketing, but also that of other ISPs. We all benefit from being in the most competitive broadband market in Europe."

Whilst doubling the number of broadband connections in 2003 will present marketing, logistics and technical challenges for the companies involved, the increased uptake of broadband can only benefit the economy as a whole and help transform current narrowband Internet content to the broadband multimedia content that many users are craving for. We'll revisit the figures in December 2003 and see if BT has succeeded in doing so. [seb]


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