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BT Announce 16 Local Exchanges to be ADSL Enabled

BT have confirmed that the following 13 exchanges will be enabled by the corresponding completion dates. Details for a further 3 exchanges will be released shortly. Congratulations to everybody who has been campaigning and collecting pre-registrations on the BT Demand Tracking scheme. These activation dates follow the successful commissioning of Todmorden, the first local exchange to be enabled based solely upon demand.

Exchange Target Activation Date
Pembury (NDPEM) 12 December 2002
Bishops Waltham (STBISHW) 12 December 2002
Ponteland (NEP) 12 December 2002
Paddock Wood (NDPWO) 12 December 2002
Twyford (THTF) 12 December 2002
Kesgrave (EAKSG) 12 December 2002
Leek (WMLEE) 12 December 2002
Irby (LVIRB) 12 December 2002
Penn, Buckinghamshire (SMPEN) 12 December 2002
Harrowden (EMHARRO) 17 January 2003
Drayton (EADRA) 17 January 2003
Buckley (WNBUC) 17 January 2003
Shaw (LCSHW) 24 January 2003

The activation dates for Danbury Eadan, Bradford on Avon and Tottington will be released shortly. Thanks goes out to Ian B from Zen for pointing out this information. Remember, if ADSL isn't available in your area, be sure to take a look at our Registration FAQ to find out how to register your interest.


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