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Tracking of Openreach FTTP roll-out in Northern Ireland breaks 530,000 premises

Openreach announced plans to build another 100,000 premises of FTTP in Northern Ireland back in April and our tracking of their footprint was showing 509,023 premises on 13th April with Openreach saying the footprint was 530,000 premises. Jumping forward three weeks we can report our database now has 530,986 premises in Northern Ireland with Openreach FTTP available to them.

The current footprint as of 4th May 2021 is shown below and means Openreach covers 62.17% of Northern Ireland with FTTP. Once you add Fibrus and Virgin Media FTTP footprints this FTTP coverage rises to 66.41% and 10.9% have a choice of two or more FTTP networks.

Map of Openreach FTTP in Northern Ireland
Postcodes with full fibre via Openreach in Northern Ireland, May 2021
Image caption says June 2021 as we wanted to be sure the latest postcodes in May 2021 had been plotted.

Rolling the clock back to August 2018 you can see the amount of progress Openreach has made, as in the middle of 2018 there was a small amount of rural properties covered and the urban roll-out was just getting underway.

Map of Openreach FTTP in Northern Ireland August 2018
Postcodes with full fibre via Openreach in Northern Ireland, August 2018

To show a little more how things have changed over time here the Openreach FTTP footprint as of 2020 and 2016 in Northern Ireland.

With another 100,000 FTTP premises to roll-out this should take the Openreach footprint to around 73%, the effect on the overall FTTP footprint is harder to predict since it is likely the overlap with other networks will increase.


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