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East Grinstead Openreach full fibre roll-out speeding up

The commuter town of East Grinstead which will have had an awful lot of those who used to catch the train everyday to London Victoria or London Bridge will be pleased to see FTTP is starting to be available across the town.

Map of Openreach FTTP in East Grinstead
Postcodes with full fibre via Openreach in East Grinstead, April 2021
The highest zoom layer is still rendering at the time of posting on 27th April

Some of the postcodes with live FTTP appeared several weeks ago but another wave has been spotted along with lots of Openreach staff and teams of contractors working to roll-out to more of the town. The most recent sightings been along the A264 heading north out of East Grinstead and Blackwell Road.

Virgin Media is also rolling out in the town using its RFOG FTTP service, at the moment there is a small amount of overlap between the two but that is likely to grow rapidly as we track both builds.

East Grinstead is one of the towns on the Openreach Fibre Towns/Village list so its no surprise to see the FTTP appear what we don't know yet of course is how far across the town will be covered. The vast majority of nearby but smaller Ashurst Wood and Forest Row have FTTP available already so it is wait and see whether they get to 80%? 90% or even higher coverage levels.


They finished splicing the fibre to the pole that serves my house 3 weeks ago but I am yet to see it show up on any of the Openreach checkers or ISP sites despite it being available at the other end of my street (I'm in the area mentioned in the post). I have raised it with Openreach and they are looking into it.

Very much looking forward to getting it ordered as soon as it shows up.

  • darksquall
  • 18 days ago

Several weeks is not uncommon, since while the pole may be done, there may be joints left to do. In addition there are final light loss checks made before letting people going live, i.e. checking that all the joints are good and light loss is well within GPON tolerance.

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 18 days ago

F and W / Hey Broadband look to be PIAing in East Grinstead too.

  • RandomJointer
  • 18 days ago

May I ask, how do you map the FTTP coverage? Do you have physical people actively searching? Some postcodes on the Colaton Raleigh exchange can order a service, but they're not on the map (though it seems through BTw it's still showing as "Planned" even though one property has a service (it appears they're with TT)).

  • Grimers
  • 15 days ago

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