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Giganet celebrates 100th customer in Portsmouth

100 customers out of a potential 9,588 seems small but as the service only launched a couple of months ago and that launch was during lockdown this is actually a good start.

Giganet are selling symmetric full fibre services to residents of Portsmouth and the footprint is current 9,588 premises passed with an aim to reach 24,000 properties by the end of the year and carry on till around 87,000 properties are passed.

I'm really happy with my new connection. The installation was hassle free and took less than an hour. When it was complete, I did a speed test straight away and it's lightning fast

100th customer Peter Clarke who has signed up for the 900 Mbps symmetric service

Our mapping covers some 7,522 properties which is 8.88% of Portsmouth City and it looks likely that the 2,000 property gap to the providers figures may be either us not spotting a cluster outside the main build area or some of the fringe properties appearing in the 9,588 but not visible for the public to order.

The goal of 87,000 properties passed eventually represents 91.2% FTTP coverage, throw in some FTTP from Openreach, Hyperoptic etc and the city could be on course for 95% coverage.


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