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Another point of FTTP coverage in UK, but still 78% without it as an option

22% full fibre coverage will seem low especially to the massive number who obviously cannot get full fibre currently but the pace of the roll-outs means the number without is decreasing daily.

The jump from 20 to 21% took 37 days and the latest jump from 21 to 22% was slightly faster at 35 days. The latest bits of FTTP added on Saturday were from the Openreach network in the Norwich area as part of the Fibre First programme. To two decimal places the coverage is 22.01%.

The local authorities above 50% FTTP coverage remains at 28 this time compared to 15th March but with changes fow all of them apart from the City of Kingston Upon Hull.

  1. City of Kingston Upon Hull 99.03%
  2. Milton Keynes 87.21%
  3. Belfast 78.85%
  4. Antrim and Newtownabbey 72.87%
  5. Mid and East Antrim 71.4%
  6. Coventry District 71.12%
  7. Lisburn and Castlereach 70.27%
  8. Epson and Ewell District 68.94%
  9. Ards and North Down 68.46%
  10. Amargh, Banbridge and Craigavon 67.94%
  11. Exeter District 66.55%
  12. York 65.46%
  13. Derry and Strabane 65%
  14. Tameside District 61.49%
  15. City of Peterborough 61.57%
  16. Salford District 61.55%
  17. Thanet 60.87%
  18. Tower Hamlets 60.45%
  19. City of Bristol 59.33%
  20. East Riding of Yorkshire 57.26%
  21. Newham 56.95%
  22. Worthing District 56.86%
  23. City of Westminster 55.14%
  24. Mourne and Down 53.68%
  25. Barking and Dagenham 52.9%
  26. Causeway Coast and Glens 52.68%
  27. Southwark 51.85%
  28. Stirling 51.84%

We would have reached the 22% mark a day or two sooner but the amount of overlap between the various FTTP networks is increasing with 1.775% of UK premises with an option of 2 or more full fibre networks.

Our stats pages have been updated at the regional and local authority level to reflect this latest jump in coverage.


I >think< I'm the first to go live in the City Centre area in Norwich (last Monday) - can't see any others connected to any of the CBTs seen. Loving my 900 down / 115 up connection, provided by Zen. Can hit full line rates and pings are good at 7ms. I thought I had no chance of getting it in this lifetime as we're in an off-street paved courtyard set some way back from the highway, but Openreach were able to use exiting ducts and put a couple of new chambers in flowerbeds. Took a little over 2 months from being able to order to going live (was going to be 3 months but got pulled forward).

  • jfinnie
  • 26 days ago

Re. jfinnie.

Lovely to see a cheerful outcome!

Let's hope the creative use of space by Openreach is replicated everywhere to pep everyone up.

  • Webbas
  • 26 days ago


7. Lisburn and Castlereach should be Lisburn and Castlereagh.

10. Amargh, Banbridge and Craigavon should be Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon.

13. Derry and Strabane should be Derry/LondonDerry and Strabane.

Obviously not from N.Ireland, then.

  • The-Silver-Back
  • 25 days ago

@The-Silver-Back - they've got nearly all the FTTP in the UK, got to give them something to complain about...!

  • jfinnie
  • 25 days ago

Some auto correct issues - will leave note on wall to check spelling after submission when hitting 23% - 22.1% today and rising

  • andrew
  • thinkbroadband staff
  • 25 days ago

I'm disgusted with OpenReach at the moment. If I had the email address of the NI CEO lady I'd let her know my feelings. OpenReach came to my area months ago and did a fantastic job of FTTP Pods on the telephone poles. BUT, the houses served by armoured cables in the exact same area? Nothing, nada. I did speak to the engineers at the time, and they said FTTP may never be available to those houses, because it's too hard to put ducting in. So, a big fanfare and announcements to all the houses, but we'll just ignore all the others. To say I'm peeved is an understatement.

  • Adduxi
  • 24 days ago

@Adduxi the last 10m or so into my house (and our whole terrace of 7) was via direct buried armoured cable, which worried me. Luckily the armoured did eventually reach a chamber, and from there it was possible to bring in the FTTP via a slightly different route. I wonder if it wouldn't be possible for them to install new poles if the groundworks would be too difficult?

  • jfinnie
  • 23 days ago

@jfinnie The annoying thing is it's quite a built up area, so an aerial view would show "pockets" of streets of housing completely missed out. If there are poles, then FTTP, if not too bad. What's more annoying is the CEO ( can't remember her name) made a huge PR speech about the terrific work by OpenReach in NI, but in reality it's "let's cherry pick the easy wins, and to hoot with everyone else"

  • Adduxi
  • 23 days ago

@adduxi - I feel for you. My parents are only about 150m away from me, but their courtyard sounds like it won't get FTTP. At least they get good FTTC though.

I think it's clear they're picking off the easier jobs first. The engineer surveying my place pretty much said when I asked if they could let me know when they were going to do the outside civils works that while he could write that down, if there was even a hint of difficulty in getting the job done it would likely just get pushed to the back of the pile and see you in a few years. Needless to say I took his advice!

  • jfinnie
  • 23 days ago

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