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CityFibre full fibre footprint breaks half million mark

The CityFibre roll-out has accelerated in 2021 with lots of additional cities where the network is live and more retailers jumping on board. Our tracking of what is live is now at 506,143 premises passed.

A lot of the most recent postcodes added have been in Peterborough and no doubt with the many announcements of builds getting underway in other cities we will see new areas appearing and maybe more retailers too. From the announcement of building starting in a city it is not unusual for the first areas to be live 9 to 12 months later and there are people reporting that it can be a number of months from when they see the fibre tubing being installed in their street until its available to order from a retailer.

The roll-out started with services being sold by just Vodafone under a Gigafast product name, but this name has now changed to the more traditional ultrafast and there are a lot more providers on the CityFibre network. The retailers currently include Vodafone, Zen Internet, Braw Band, Giganet, TalkTalk, Quickline and Purefibre with pricing varying from area to area and which retailer sells in each area.


Air Broadband have just delivered a leaflet yesterday saying that they are available on the CityFibre network in Ipswich. So another provider I hadn't come across before.

I'm mostly happy with Zen via CityFibre so far. Main niggle has been the lack of IPv6 through CityFibre products.

  • smsm1
  • about 1 month ago

How many of the half million have signed up?

  • Pessimist
  • about 1 month ago

@smsm1 - you should just email [email protected] as per the normal process, and you will be able to get IPv6 enabled. We're looking into why you were not advised to do this.

  • jongreen84
  • 25 days ago

I do wonder how long the exclusivity contract is with Vodafone and CityFibre. They (Vida) have been dire, would love to move to Zen via CF.

  • brusuth
  • 23 days ago

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