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69% of Peebles properties have access to Openreach Full Fibre

Openreach is claiming a transformative roll-out of FTTP in Peebles, Scotland with a footprint of 3,600 premises so far which Openreach say is 80% of premises (households + businesses).

Our map was updated on the morning of the 31st March and our systems count some 3,459 premises where Openreach is now available, which is 69.9% of the total properties we have linked with the Peebles exchange.

It is fairly rare for Openreach to say how many properties they've rolled out to on an exchange and in the release that headlines with Peebles another exchange mentioned is Kelso with 3,400 properties covered by FTTP and our tracking of the roll-out says 3,390 properties.


Great to see such a close correlation between counts, goes to show OR does give correct figures, if only they would tell you direct where they had just gone !!

  • jumpmum
  • 16 days ago

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