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Lots more full fibre for Corsham and Chippenham as Lit Fibre launches

For years in the UK there was no commercial full fibre builders and now there is a wide range of providers who aiming to carve out their core build area. The analogy of waiting for a bus with nothing for ages and then two arriving does not apply, as we all know you miss those two it will be a long wait and fortunately in the full fibre race we are seeing providers arrive on a regular basis now.

Lit Fibre has lit the touch paper on its roll-out and is set to get building underway quickly in Corsham and Chippenham. We say quickly because their press release is talking of a tight schedule of June 2021 for the first live customers, which is faster than some others where from the first bit of tarmac being touched it can be 12 months before the first customer is live.

We’re delighted to launch our services in Corsham and Chippenham. The past year has clearly demonstrated the importance of having a robust home internet connection in our digital world. With more people using their home broadband for work, school, video streaming, gaming, and other bandwidth intensive applications, the pressure on copper-based services is only increasing. We recognise that consistent speeds, a reliable connection and excellent customer service are all important factors for today’s consumer. By switching to a full-fibre network, consumers can enjoy an enhanced experience, without compromise.

Tom Williams, CEO Lit Fibre

The website is vary spartan at present with just a contact form but as June approaches we hope this will be fleshed out and pricing revealed.

The network they are building is said to be 10 Gbps capable and indications are that the package line up will include 100 Mbps, 500 Mbps and Gigabit packages. 

The eventual aim of the firm is to build to 500,000 homes by 2026 and as Corsham is around 4,000 homes and Chippenham 18,000 homes there are going to be a lot more location announcements in the next few years. No indication of how much of Corsham and Chippenham are going to be built to but as of Sunday 14th March 2021 the respective full fibre coverage based on the exchange area was 5.2% and 29.2%


Roadworks shows Gigaclear active in Corsham and Chippenham. No sign of Lit Fibre.

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