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Full fibre roll-out in Leicester by CityFibre sees first area live

The CityFibre roll-outs are coming thick and fast currently and another city can be added to the list areas where the first chunks of the network have gone live.

The service costs £40/m on a 24 month contract with 900 Mbps speeds and a guarantee that you will keep the same monthly on the bundle even when the minimum term ends. The launch offer means those ordering before 30th June 2021 don't have to pay a £29.99 set up fee. This is a naked broadband service with no telephone line, but you can retain your old copper line if the landline is important, or port the number to any number of VoIP providers and ditch the copper completely.

Leicester for its size has to date missed out on any major FTTP roll-out with just 0.72% coverage by Openreach FTTP and once OFNL, Hyperoptic and some Virgin Media RFOG is added to this before today the FTTP coverage was just 2.59%. With this first area of roll-out we have found the overall FTTP figure has risen to 6.93% and is set to rise further as the CityFibre roll-out goes live in other streets.


Given that the area currently covered appears to be in the poorer parts of the city I doubt that Zen will see a high take up.

I can't wait to get involved with the FTTP that will hopefully be offered in my area from Zen. I'm already a customer of them.

  • RandomGeeza
  • about 1 month ago

They have probably targeted that area because its densely populated and cheap to roll out. They are now installing around Anstey Lane, Buckminster Road so the rollout is progressing.
Its a shame all the useful info has been removed from ( so its not as easy to see what work is being planned.

  • philce
  • about 1 month ago

I think I can guess why that part of the city has been the place they started.
Philce any idea why they removed from roadworks website? I notice in general that website misses so many of the cities roadworks.

  • chrysalis
  • about 1 month ago

They removed the info due to new rules from government and privacy concerns apparently. More like they are now charging for the information and removed the free service.

Its a joke, cant see what information is "sensitive" enough to prevent anyone knowing that the council are filling a pothole in the road outside number 55? Its a moneymaking exercise!

I re-contracted with VM in October for 18M at a very good deal, can't really complain for the service we get.

  • philce
  • 28 days ago

@RandomGeeza Hey dude I'm from the poor Belgrave area. Just to let you know... I've signed up to Zen from the Belgrave area. I'm surprised that you'd call the "Golden Mile" Area a poor area?

  • PoorBelgrave
  • about 10 hours ago

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