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The <i>Ins</i> and <i>Outs</i> of Migration...

Several users on our forums have asked about the process of migrating between ISPs since the migration programme went live on October 28th for users with an existing ADSL service.

To our knowledge, ALL ISP's have received a briefing document from BT Wholesale on what the procedure is, and for clarity the parts pertaining to the user side are:-

  1. The user contacts a potential new ISP and requests migration from their existing ISP.
  2. The "new" ISP contacts the user's existing ISP for the "Customer ID Number" (CBUK) or gets it from the user (if known), and completes a request form to BT Wholesale for migration.
  3. BT Wholesale contact the "existing" ISP for agreement to the migration and the "existing" ISP has 10 working days to respond to this contact. If no response in 10 working days, or the existing ISP declines the migration, the migration request will be cancelled by BT Wholesale.
  4. If migration is agreed, the "new" ISP will be charged £35+vat for the work to be carried out (to cover the administration costs involved) and should then be in a position to provide the user with their new login details and a completion date.

The fact that in successful migrations the charge will be levied on the new ISP as opposed directly to the customer leaves scope for the ISPs to either pass on the charge in full or potentially to subsidise it (perhaps covered by some minimum term clause).

A word of caution - if you are currently tied into a minimum term contract, your current ISP is within their rights to charge you for fees that would be normal until such time as the contract would expire naturally. So if you are X months into a 12 month contract with your existing ISP, they could ask you to pay the balance up before they agree to the migration.


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