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Airband says Kentisbury Ford has ultrafast broadband

As part of a larger extension to the Connecting Devon and Somerset roll-out Airband is to build FTTP to some 6,000 premises across the two south west counties.

Last week Airband announced that Kentisbury Ford was live with its FTTP service, as usual we have taken a look and found that there appears to be a mixture of technologies in use in Kentisbury Ford with some FTTP nearby but others still only able to access a superfast fixed wireless service. To make this more apparent we now show the Airband FTTP postcodes as black dots on our maps i.e. as per image and link below.

We have asked Airband about this and was told that not all locations are live yet in the CDS extension.

Bringing ultrafast to Kentisbury Ford represents everything that Airband is about – we are transforming connectivity for people and communities who deserve better. It’s so rewarding to be able to provide such a vast improvement in broadband speeds and the reaction and appreciation from the villagers here has been incredible.

Deployment of the remaining clusters in this part of the contract with CDS is progressing very well, thousands more rural homes and businesses in Devon will very soon be able to access ultrafast broadband. And when we build our ultrafast networks, we use existing infrastructure wherever possible (e.g., existing poles and underground ducts), which means we can set up an ultrafast fibre network very rapidly. Once we start building a network in an area, the process from ordering to installation should take just a few weeks.

No doubt there is more FTTP from Airband around and if you are using the service and we are not showing it on the maps do drop us a note and we will get the missing postcode added.


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