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Slow speed test averages for Virgin Media broadband users again

Virgin Media threw alerts in our speed test system back on 19th January and got very close on the 26th January and today we see another low point.

Daily average speeds for Virgin Media UK customers
Median and mean download/upload speeds for Virgin Media from 6th October 2020 to 1pm 2nd February 2021.

The median download speed at 1pm was 80.7 Mbps (mean 119.2 Mbps). If the pattern continues from other similar slow days we will see the median and mean recover after around 5pm. That speeds recover as the day progresses could be that we simply do not see the people with the fastest services testing during the day or the strain of home working, home schooling, online gaming and video streaming during the lockdowns is stress testing the Virgin Media network.

We monitor BT, Sky, TalkTalk, EE, Plusnet and Vodafone using the same alert system and while there are variations in the averages each day they so far during 2021 have remained within the two standard deviation window we use to alert ourselves.

We will update this article over the course of 2nd February so that an idea of when things returned to the normal pattern.


@thinkbroadband I find my M500 service hovers between 350-400Mbps. I really should get off my backside and log a fa…

  • @jus_leese
  • comment via twitter
  • about 1 month ago

I have been experiencing an ongoing issue with Virgin Media for the past 4 weeks. M350 package experience 5Mbps upload speed

  • Goose500510
  • about 1 month ago

Virgin media broadband has been intermittent for months. Phone shows full bars but no internet connection.
Varies depending on time of day.
Continually resetting router but does not fix the issue.
Virgin says to wait 24 hours before being able to book an engineer visit and no access to call centre as they are very busy
, obviously everyone calling about the rubbish service thennI get a letter telling me the are putting up the price by £4 a month.
I don’t think so, time to move

  • CompExman
  • about 1 month ago

Been suffering from unreliable WiFi speeds for the first time in 25years with NTL/VM in the last few weeks.
Have had 2 new Hub3 routers sent to me and despite my Speedtest being barely readable, someone at the end of the phone from an offshore call centre reads a script to tell me that everything is working as it should.

This afternoon’s low was 0.5 download to a high of 197 on a 200 package.

Some times of the day with everyone at home using MS teams, Google Meet, Zoom and the speed is blistering.

Teatime, when nobody is online and it drops to 0.5.

Very frustrating.

  • AllyC1
  • about 1 month ago

Further to the above, I joined the VM Community chat and a very helpful UK staff member studied my readings and arranged an engineer visit for this weekend.

My wired speed is constantly high but the router is rubbish.

I suspect that putting the Hub3 into modem mode and attaching a £100+ router is the only way to get reliable WiFi now.

Awful customer service as very few people would know to join an online community in order to secure an engineer visit.

  • AllyC1
  • about 1 month ago

Virgin Media go past our property about a mile away as the crow flies but even after 4 years of "register your interest" I am afraid they still "have no plans to provide a service to your area". I'd quite like them to extend but for 6 houses I understand they won't.

BT FTTC is sub-USO 5 down, 0.8 up through no fault of their own as it is 3300m to the cabinet so I took the plunge and paid to have a directional 4G antenna on EE. The router isn't amazing but it can handle my 40-70 down, 20-35 up.

  • DanielCoffey
  • 30 days ago

Everyone asleep but me and my 200 VM is giving me 13.

  • AllyC1
  • 30 days ago

The biggest mistake of my life. I just can't wait for the contract to come to the end. Customer service is the most ineffective, unprofessional and incompetent. Imagine them assigning my 10 year old son as the account holder and have refused to change it after filling numerous forms and sending my identity as requested. Till date, still waiting.

  • Kachie
  • 30 days ago

on M600 here in Leicester.
Not really seeing any speed issues or other issues that were always a "feature" of VM.
Some slowdown last week, 28/29 jan?
Maybe because I have a samknows whitebox I get better service???

28 Jan 491 Mbps 35.1 Mbps 14.7 ms 0.0 %
29 Jan 488 Mbps 34.7 Mbps 14.6 ms 0.0 %
30 Jan 542 Mbps 41.1 Mbps 14.5 ms 0.0 %
31 Jan 505 Mbps 35.2 Mbps 14.7 ms 0.00868 %
01 Feb 552 Mbps 39.1 Mbps 14.7 ms 0.0 %
02 Feb 493 Mbps 37.4 Mbps 14.9 ms 0.0 %
03 Feb 655 Mbps 42.2 Mbps 12.9 ms 0.0 %

  • philce
  • 29 days ago

I’ve only been with them 2 days and think I will cancel. Slow Wi-Fi speeds and fluctuations on wired between 20 and 100. I don’t see the point in paying for 100 speed if it can’t be accessed - all Wi-Fi speeds are less than 30. New router could be an option but is a £100+ gamble. All the street must use virgin so think I’ll go back to plusnet. Virgin customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced.

  • Gc234
  • 29 days ago

For the past year, I've noticed periods where my M350 broadband will slow to a crawl for a minute a couple of times a day. Not every day, just goes through phases. Internet radio goes off, browsing pizza-wheels. Assume it's lockdown rise in traffic, but I've not been using my home internet this much before. Might have always happened.

Understand they're upgrading the infrastructure around here, since lockdown has highlighted that their network is a bit full.

As per unofficial VM recommendation, I run the hub in modem mode and set up my own router/access points.

  • Cessquill
  • 29 days ago

Broadband has been awful for 2 months
Will not at times even support non HD Iplayer download and Iplayer or Prime drop out. Speedcheck often shows download momentarily dropping to zero which cannot help streaming. Service desk seems to be manned by salesmen who say all my problems will go if I sign up to higher speed internet even when I point out that a 110Mbs service should already be much more than enough to support support watching a filn on iplayer with no other activity in house
When contract ends I leave!

  • cecil9
  • 29 days ago

Been a Virgin customer for almost 15 years, will be leaving once my contract is up because I simply no longer trust them.

I was recently in hospital having cancer surgery and they changed my package without my permission after hassling my partner despite her telling them she wasn't the account holder and I was in the hospital.

Complained to them in writing and received a proforma response telling me to call the sales desk who have no remedy. Untrustworthy, don't care about customers, complaints process disingenuous at best.

  • beek
  • 29 days ago

ive been with virgin since it was rolled out in my area 2 years ago upgrading my speed each time a faster speed was rolled out recently upgraded to 1gb but only get on average 350mb have had two engineers out fibres cleaned box outside replaced only thing thats not been replaced is the cable from cabinet
both engineers mystified why im only getting those speeds (on their equipment and mine) when speeds to the router are correct
i have tried hard wired and wireless and speeds dont get any better
think i will be leaving shortly

  • 28 days ago

Virginmedia has been getting worse and worse over the last year. I’ve had continual latency issues. You can hardlyget hold of anyone on the phone or via chat and when you do they have limited technical knowledge. I spent ten minutes explaining latency to one support person.
Then to crown it all they closed the complaint I had raised, because they couldn’t contact me. I check both my mobile and email for that day and there was no calls or emails. I’ve now logged a complaint with their ombudsman. They used to be great, now there one of the worst.

  • jhoran
  • 28 days ago

Been with them for 15 years - was great up until a couple of years ago, and a complete joke over the past 12 months.

Packet loss all the time, which makes video calls near impossible. Constant lies from their support (it will be fixed on X date, ...which never happens).

They refuse to send out routers if they suspect an issue in the area, they don't get back to you after you raise a complaint, takes hours to get through to support (which is useless), and to top of it, they raise the costs regularly. I left. :)

  • _nick_b
  • 28 days ago

Was on M350 and pretty much got that. The fibre here in Scotland it is the old United Artists cable that I understand was never lit by them. However the M350 servce was pretty much spot on. When the 1Gig service was launched to much fanfare I thought ok give it a go, knowing that I wouldn't get 1Gig, given the hardware restrictions, but hoped for close to it. No chance, it gets to about 945Mb/s for about 20 minutes after resetting modem and my own router. then settles back to around M500 performance. Will be dropping down a level as soon as I can. Disappointed really.

  • SYM9
  • 24 days ago

Our neighbourhood recently had about 5 nights of lousy/ non-existent service. No call centre service and lack of ability to contact 'Captcha' meant I couldn't sign in. (I know. Tail wagging the dog or what). Reason given was Network Upgrade. Now it's all hunky dory but I shall still be seeking a refund and/ or finding a new supplier.

  • oldjembo
  • 24 days ago

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