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Free 50 Mbps full fibre from Community Fibre to help with home schooling

Being online is critical to schooling and lots of other tasks and with household budgets shrinking for many upgrading or installing a fixed line broadband service for the first time may be a cost too far or they have seen the FTTP service roll-out but due to the cost have not upgraded an existing service.

To help those living in London and one of the 18 London Boroughs where Community Fibre has a presence the provider is offering a free for 12 months 50 Mbps service. After 12 months a household can decide to keep the broadband and sign up to a paid subscription or walk away with no cost.

We know of some 187,000 premises in London where Community Fibre is available, which may seem small compared to the size of London but even if only a couple of hundred households take up the free service it will help stop children's education slipping further behind than it already has.

Obviously the service needs to be installed and this may make things more complex for those who don't have the fibre already installed in their house or apartment.

Many of our families have been struggling with homeschooling due to poor connectivity. The offer from Community Fibre, to provide free and fast 100% full-fibre connections, demonstrates the company's willingness to help out the families that are most in need. It is a sign of the strength of the partnership we have built with Community Fibre and we would encourage other London landlords to grant them the wayleave agreement to upgrade to a full-fibre broadband network at their own properties.

Peter Butler, Business Development Manager of Origin Housing

The 50 Mbps service is the providers entry level service which is currently £20/m. The 50 Mbps service is symmetric so is ideal for zoom classes as well as watching the appropriate BBC Bitesize classes online.


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