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Worthing CityFibre and Zen symmetric FTTP service mapped

Zen Internet has just launched its symmetric Gigabit service (900 Mbps) in Worthing off the back of the CityFibre FTTP network. 

Worthing is the first of several areas where the service will be available the others are Newcastle Upon Tyne, Ipswich and Leicester. The footprint we have found in Worthing is currently 6,100 premises but it is thought that they have built to 9,000 premises, so either some have not been released for order yet or we've missed a corner of Worthing so far.

The Zen Internet service is very competitively priced at £40/m and until June 2021 the £29.95 setup fee is being waived as further incentive to sign up early to the service. There is no phone service included, but of course if you have a Gigabit broadband service running a VoIP service over that is not going to dent the capacity in any meaningful way.

CityFibre operates its various areas with exclusive aggreements which will eventually lapse and the degree of retail provider choice will improve. In Worthing the roll-out so far appears to have avoided the Openreach FTTP footprint which is concentrated on the central Worthing exchange.

The total CityFibre FTTP footprint across all the networks is currently at 417,968 premises, this includes the old TalkTalk Fibre Nation network.

The postcodes are in our full postcode search and will be available to those using our commercial API service in the next few days with new fields to help identify the different CityFibre retailers.


Has Vodafone or CF been asked about when the exclusivity runs out, know of several folk now out of contract in Aberdeen who would jump at the chance of getting away from Vodafone and onto Zen or give that newish provider that setup in Inverness (Brawband) a go.

  • brusuth
  • 7 days ago

The Brawband offering seems a tad expensive @ £37.95 plus £49 installation for up to 200Mbps and £59.95 for up to 900Mbps.

With Zen at the moment and would jump at the chance if the offered it in Inverness

  • 2beers
  • 7 days ago

@Brusuth, the exclusivity is only 1 year now I'm sure. Also you will need to wait for the other providers to pick to rollout in Aberdeen.

@2beers, they will be rolling out at some point. I did think Brawband was a tad expensive but pricing looks similar to Openreach

  • bawlk
  • 7 days ago

Indeed, they look similar priced to OR but for a symmetrical service.

  • brusuth
  • 7 days ago

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